Hi there,

I subscribe to the Michael Jackson Hoax Death website. I came across your
site today. My user name on MJHD is The Divine Mrs Jones.

We seem to be thinking along the same lines about the circumstances of his
"death". One of my theories is one that runs along the same route as yours,
regarding the body at the house in LA.

I, however, think that a impersonator/decoy had been there for a while. It
is reported by many that the only person allowed in Michael Jackson rooms
was his personal doctor. In this case Conrad Murray. Also, according to his
Chef, Kai Chase, in an interview with Larry King on CNN. Michael had food
sent to his room wrapped in saran wrap, just like "room service" in a hotel.
Could the reason he was looking so thin lately be because he was sharing his
food with the decoy?

I hypothesised this - The decoy had been ill, dying. The drugs and oxygen
tanks etc were for his use and not Michaels. It had been a plan to escape
for some months, when the decoy died - suddenly - the plan had to be
implemented - fast. The delays between finding the "body" and calling 911
would give enough time to get Michael out the back door as the paramedics
came through the front.

The staff were all dismissed and sent home. Apparently no one saw the
removal of the body. And, from what I can gather, Dr Murray came into the
kitchen via a back stairs and asked for Prince, then security. Was Prince
being drawn into the plan? Was Dad saying goodbye for now, but I will see
you again? The childrens behaviour at the memorial service was odd. A lack
of interest in the proceedings, boredom and often a pre-occupation with the
roof of the building, because they were constantly starring up at it. Was
our elusive super star hiding there? Was he watching the whole thing pan
out? Having read what I've read about him, it would not surpeise me at all.
The reason for being there, perhaps a promise to the children that he would
keep an eye on them. Were they looking for him?

I also think that the means of escape was by boat/yacht. The airports are
busy...Too dangerous to be seen there. Slip from the house to a harbour,
marina or port, onto a boat and hide out there for a few days. When it had
quietend down a bit, slip out of LA, sail down the coast, through the Panama
, into the Atlantic and away you go. Disguise yourself as a crewman,
slip off the boat and disappear. Who pays attention to the bloke who cleans
the brass or scrubs the decks on a boat? Someone on your site thought they
had seen him getting off a tug boat in UAE...Kind of ties in with my theory.

Also, there is the behaviour of the Jackson family after the death. They
roll up with about 8 removal vans to the LA mansion and clean it out. Janet
said it was to stop fans looting...Don't think so....It was to take any
evidence of a decoy being there...The missing $2million in cash and
jewellery from the house....Could have been used to pay the decoys family on
the death of the decoy...For services rendered. Strange how any security
tapes etc vanished about the same time?????

The plot thickens Sherlock.


Take a look at these scrolling badges..One of them - the one with the blue
background - is taken from the shirt of the paramedic with the "body" of MJ
in the ambluance. The others are the current badges used by the emergency
services in LA. Not one of them looks like the one from the ambulance. So
who were these people in the ambulance?...They did not seem to know what
they were doing with the respiration equipment. They backed out of there as
though they were going on a picnic. The eyebrows of "MJ" (or whoever it was)
were furrowed, as though he were uncomfortable..If you're dead or
unconscious you don't screw you face up, you can't. Who was that masked man
in the ambulance????

If I think of any more I shall be intouch.

For now - regards from the UK

The Divine Mrs Jones