The internet is on fire with the renewed hope that Michael Jackson may be alive.  A video emerged of a Jackson family wedding and one very interesting attendee.  Knowing Michael's past history and fascination with disguises raises the  question , "Just who is that bearded man in the video."   Jackson fans have held the candle for his comeback now for over 7 years.  No entertainer has ever had this much impact on their fans or society.  Millions of fans world wide are still hoping to see him again.

Siggy Jackson, the son of Jackie Jackson – Michael’s brother and Jackson Five member – got married to  Toyia Parker at a small family ceremony held at someone's house in Encino,California.  Michael's kids Prince and Paris were there and many are saying that Michael himself may have been in attendance in an elaborate disguise.

Most of Michael's most devoted fans remember a film he did in which he played "The Mayor."He was made up to look 20 yrs older and a lot heavier.  Fans who saw the movie could not even recognize Michael in his elaborate disguise.  Michael may have chosen to duplicate this disguise as a message to fans that he is still alive.

Could It Be Michael In The Backseat ?



Suddenly Michael Jackson Fans Worldwide are excited again.  It all has to do with an Instagram Post by Michael's daughter Paris Jackson of her driving near Joshua Tree.  It took a while but slowly fans were able to make out some familiar features on the passenger in the back seat.  This was reported on in a YouTube video called "SHOCK ! Michael Jackson Seen Alive 2016.

Take a look and tell us what you see.  

We see someone who looks a lot like Michael.  Soon we will be revealing many more sightings in this new hot bed of celebrity sightings, the California High Desert.  It is an isolated and mostly desolate area that many celebrities go to hide out.  Recently Iggy Pop and Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age  recorded an album in the 29 Palms Area.  Could the mysterious man in the backseat be none other than the amazing Michael Jackson ? 
Report Claims Michael Is In Canada
According to Empire News there are credible reports coming from Ontario, Canada that Michael Jackson is alive and well and living under an assumed name.  Empire reports that, " One week after reports of Jackson’s death, a mysterious newcomer moved into a small bungalow near Ontario’s Lake Doré.  According to a neighbor, a fleet of moving vans and a limousine pulled up in front of the property where a ‘pale middle-aged male’ was escorted into to the house, surrounded by what appeared to be 3 bodyguards."

City records show the owner of the house is Alain P.  Mysteriously no one has ever seen Alain and when people ask the servants reply that , "he is a very private man. "   Meanwhile there are permits for exotic animals, shipments of costumes and cosmetics and whenever visitors do come they are escorted from the airport in a shroud of secrecy.

A contractor who was hired to do some work on the house claims that they are building a recording studio and hearing Alains voice it could very well be Michael.  The contractor who never saw Alain said he had the feeling that it was a famous person hiding out.  The truth remains to be seen , we only hope and pray it could be true.  To read the whole article go to Empire News.

                COULD IT BE MICHAEL ?
We took this photo in Perth, Western Australia in a hotel hallway. We were walking through a hallway when we bumped into someone. When we bumped into them we were on SnapChat and must've accidentally taken a photo and when we looked at the photo we realised it looked like Michael. When we turned around the person was quickly walking away dressed in black.

                                                                         email received from Tegan R. Aug 4, 2014

 It's Been 10 Years  WE MISS YOU
June 25, 2018 marks 10 years since the event.   It's been 10 years without the world's greatest entertainer.  6 years without the magic.  10 years waiting to feel the joy again.  Michael , the demand for you has done nothing but grow.  All of your old songs are selling more that ever.  There are movies, videos and holograms.  Your estate has made more money than ever.  Your kids are set for life.  All that's missing is you.  Why do so many fans refuse to accept that you are gone ? Why are so many hoping that just maybe, Michael Jackson "the magician"  made himself disappear and will come exploding back on the scene ? 
 Michael Seen In LV Elevator
 I had never heard of your website, but I started searching Michael Jackson Alive on Google after what happened to me this morning! Okay, I'm in Las Vegas right now and so was I this morning.I have stayed at Wynn Las Vegas for the last few nights.This morning, I woke up very early (5:30 a.m.).A little tired I decided to go downstairs and see if I could get breakfast somewhere.I walked out of my room around 6 a.m. and as I walked into the hallway, I noticed another door opening not far away from me. A few men walked out of the room, 2 big African American guys in casual clothing, a smaller African American guy with a small hatand the last one to come out of the room was a white man with a  white skin.


He was wearing black clothes and leather jacket (this was the first thing that I found odd about it, as it's Vegas and very hot). The next thing I noticed where his hands, they were pretty big and knuckled (if that's a word? English is not my first language).I said 'hey', out of politeness but seemed to scare them as they heard it right behind them all of a sudden.The smaller man with the hat said: 'elevator, come on come on!'And I didn't really understand what happened, I figured it was some kinda mob business so I stepped back to my room, walking slowly backwards.Then, the white man dropped the key card to their room and kept walking. One of the bigger guys saw this and ran straightly towards it and picked it up.Meanwhile, Michael and the other two black men were already near the elevators..

All of a sudden Michael turned around and I could see his face. He had shorter hair than you see on the pictures and he looked at me kinda frightened,but then he started yelling to the big black guy that was picking up the key card: 'my book, I dropped my book!'The (I asume) bodyguard picked up a small black book (some kinda note book) and went to the elevator..A few seconds later they were gone. I was very very confused by the entire thing, it all happened really really fast and I was still pretty tired so I was like: what the hell is going on here?I also expected some other guests on the floor to have woken up from the noise, because the running and yelling was pretty loud..

 I'm Definitely 100% Sure That I Saw Michael

I'm definitely 100 % sure that I saw Michael! I told a few people in the lobby but they wouldn't believe me and laughed, except for one woman who said she believed that he was maybe alive,and that I was lucky to have seen him..I know this sounds very very strange, and I'm very confused, but i am sure that i saw Michael..I'm probably gonna spend the rest of my day reading other stories on this website that seem to be the same as mine..If I remember anything else, I will send another email!
                                                                                                           Melissa's email was received 6/17/14
Who Really Died That Day ?
  My name is Kelly A H. I am writing to let you know that Dimitrie D is the one that died in Michael Jackson's place on 6/25/2009. Dimitrie was the one taken to UCLA hospital and admitted there under the name Soule S. Dimitrie was a 47-year-old man who had terminal illness. The paramedics said they thought the patient was terminally ill coming from hospice. It was not Michael Joe Jackson that died but Dimitrie D instead. Michael Jackson is still alive and we will see him perform again real soon in the flesh once he is healed and has his strength back. God bless.
                                                                                      Sincerely, Kelly A H (email received 6/13/14)

editors note: the paramedics did not recognize the dead body as Michael Jackson (see article below)


Then I Realized It Was Michael

I'll never forget it was may 14 in Arizona. I was visiting my dad. I can't remember exactly where cause I'm not from there but I took a drive to this small city my dad though I'd like to see. It was like a small town. The farmers were nice, everyone knew everyone. I walked up to this cart where a man was selling fruit. I looked over and it was a group of guy in black. Most were buff except one. I thought it was strange because it was hot outside. The smaller guy ( Michael) turned around and walked right past me! I caught a glimpse of his face and when I realized it was Michael I sat down because I was about to faint. Has anyone else seem him recently?
                                                                                          Anne S  (email received 6/7/14)

I was driving through Lafayette, Indiana when I stopped at a park with trails leading into the woods. I was doing my usual thing, jogging with my earphones in when I noticed two shadowy figures coming towards me about 100 feet away. Nervous, I take out my earphones and wait with my hand on my knife that I always carry in my side holster. As they approach I see one of them has long hair and is wearing sunglasses. The voice was the same as the Michael Jackson I know and love. I was in shock after I exchanged words with him, and he and his bodyguard continued down the trail. I never thought I would see him again. He truly is still out there and alive. I know it was him.

                                                                                          Brian S.  (email received May 2, 2014)

 Is Michael In Croatia ?
I don't know how to begin, cus it's a long story, I'll just begin wherever, I do wanna share this with you!
I'm afraid that this is what I wanted to see and not be what it really was. I doubt about giving false hope to you. But I decided to tell my story. In croatia, august 2012, I went on vacation in the neigborhood around Istria (in a - province on the westcoast of croation and that area. I visited several towns. And in one town, I passed by someone very noticeable.
 I have bad eyes, bad sight I mean and I didn't wear my glasses. (as always, this moment I was really sorry for that) Just let me go on. I'm really excited about this. But I am not sure, let's repeat that, I don't want to spread lies! I've seen so many people passing by, it was a really hot day, and I moaned lots cus of the heat. I don't like the heat that much, so that's why. I've seen so many people but didn't actually look at them. I just looked around and hoped I could stop to cool down somewhere of the heat. Then, on my right side a man passed by. He walked the opposite way. I know I had to tell this way earlier, but my English is bad and I was afraid that you shouldn't understand me. I hope you do now! He passed by very near, like less than a half meter away from me.

He looked like a homeless man. He had a little bit dark skin, and curled hair. He walked in a way Michael did. I don't know. I just got a weird feeling by that. He stood in a straight line now and I looked at his face. Eyes as Michael's. Eyebrows as Michael. I got tears in my eyes and wanted to say Michael, but that would be weird if it should not've been him! I was in Croatia, and not many people understand English. even more German, but Michael doesn't except saying ich liebe dich mihr (I love you more) in german at a concert. I really gotta cry! I just stood still and my parents were far away already.
I looked back and saw him walking harder and harder. I actually lost my parents out of sight and looked back to the man that seemed to be Michael. I wanted to run after him but getting lost by myself as 14 yo that time in a unknown country would be scary. I ran to my dad and asked him to stop or he walked in a little shop, I don't remember, I'm sorry. I didn't want to tell this cus it sounds fake, but the feeling I got was real. Like someone hold me and said: Your search is finally completed! But instead of that to be sure, cus... ya it's almost impossible cus 7 billion people living on earth, a huge fan meets Michael Jackson... watcha thinking I thought. When I look back I get chills down my spine again and regret going back to my dad! When he looked in the shop or stopped for another reason (I'm sorry, it's almost 2 years ago from right now - writers date, I ran back when I could, sooo hard!
I couldn't see him and I actually wanted to scream!!! I didn't know if Michael wanted to get recognized either of course... maybe this must have been the best for him and did ai make the right decision.
Don't be selfish and wish the best to Michael himself! :) he totally deserves it! It's like I dreamt it! But I didn't cus it's a place I've been once, and the moment it happened, I made a little note about it on my nintendo 3ds. It's real!

Just to repeat, this is what I've seen and believed. When you want to see something, you'll earlier see it... I hope it was Michael! If so... omg thanks to god! so much! I can't believe it that I may ve been the one who noticed michael! I love him so much and don't want to spread lies!

                                                                                      Calvin W.  (email received June 14, 2014)

I was recently driving through Gary, Indiana. I was becoming very tired so I stopped at a rest stop to use the bathroom and sleep for a little bit. I went to the restroom and before I was pushed out I got a glimpse of the king of pop himself washing his hands. The guards were very aggressive while pushing me out, but I had already seen him! Please help spread my story! I just want the world to know that Michael is really okay and is still out there.Thank you for your time

                                                                                                Michael L. (email received Apr 22)
I went down to Florida on a vacation and on our way drove through Gary, Indiana. We stopped there for a meal and at the restaurant I saw Michael! It was him! He had bandages on his face and was with multiple other people. I couldn't snap a pic but i approached him and asked "is it really you, Michael?" He winked at me and walked out. It was Michael!
                                                                                                 Matthew R. (email received Apr 22)
        Michael Jackson's Xscape
There is new Michael Jackson music coming out in May and once again it is shrouded in mystery and controversy. One look at the cover picture and the message is clear.  Michael is climbing out of seclusion.  He is emerging from a cocoon.  He is beautiful and reborn and he will fly again.  One of Michael's former producers was quite vocal about his belief that the King of Pop was still with us and we will see him perform again.  Could these posthumous CD's be Michael's way of keeping in touch with fans from beyond the grave ?   No one will ever really know the pressures Michael faced and what could have driven him to Xscape.

PARAMEDICS COULD NOT Recognize MIchael              

 As unbelievable as it seems , paramedics who arrived at Michael Jackson's mansion to save his life on June 25, 2009 did not recognize the overdose victim as Michael Jackson. In fact they thought the comatose man was a  late stage cancer patient returning from  hospice.  Was this the same Michael Jackson who sang and danced his heart out the night before at a Staples Center rehearsal for his upcoming 50 show run in London ?  The current civil trial between the Jackson Estate and AEG Concert promoters is bringing a lot of forgotten inconsistencies about Michael  to light.  There seems to be two Michaels.  The one we all know and love, who was dancing, singing and gearing up for an incredible comeback and the other one, who was frail, weak,  emaciated and eventually taken away by paramedics.  Could the master of all disguises have slipped away into the night and simply abandoned the character he so skillfully created .  That would be the greatest show of all time. 




Michael Jackson Tribute 6/25/2012



Last year flowers and Candles adorn Michael Jackson's star on Hollywood Blvd.  on this the darkest of anniversaries. On June 25, 2014, it will be exactly five years from the day Michael disappeared from our lives.  We want him back.  The love has not even begun to fade.  Millions of fans from around the world are doing millions of tributes to the loveliest soul of all,  Michael Jackson.  Many say he's dead but we tend to question this .  There are too many unanswered questions and many of us have a strong gut feeling that yes, we will see him again.  If we keep the faith and live with respect to all living things as he espoused in so many songs, we feel he will return.  If you are curious read on.  This site is a tribute to the kindest man who ever lived , Michael Jackson.


 Where Is The Missing             Surveillance Tape ?


Michael Jackson had surveillance cameras all over his house.  He had to. He lived under tight security.  On June 25, 2009 at 12:45 AM his cameras recorded him arriving home for the last time.   LAPD experts have entered this snippet of tape as evidence in the Conrad Murray Trial.   But what about the next 24 hours of tape which would show exactly who came and went in the following crucial hours.  This tape is missing.  How is this possible ?  The best investigation team in the world is investigating the "death " of one of the most popular entertainers of all time and they forget to save the surveillance footage ?    Hmmmmmmm.......  Something seems a little fishy here.  Is there maybe something that they don't want anyone to see  ???



       Could This Be Michael Jackson Alive in Paris ?



 Who is that on the second floor ? 





 could it be ..........








It appears some very interesting tweets have been coming from Michael Jackson's  best friend, Nelson De La Nuez.  Datrootwillprevail2 reports on YouTube that Michal's friend has been tweeted some incredible pictures and information that could indicate Michael has spent some time in his cabin in Lake Arrowhead, California .  The picture and tweets are from around Christmas time 2010.




 To see the full video of the Lake Arrowhead Sighting CLICK HERE



                 Is This Michael Jackson in Israel ? 






I am more than happy to have a chance to send you this e-mail. Yesterday, in my family trip to Orlando, to go to Disney World, was the last day i was in Orlando from the 5 days i've been there. And yet, it was the best day ever for me. I would like to share this with you & the fans. As me and my family left the hotel around 9 in the morning, to get early to the Disney theme park "Epcot", we were riding in the car until we got to the "Epcot" parking lot. When we got there, we found a parking space, and parked. we all got out of the car, and we were about to cross a small street where cars drive by. when you cross that street, you will see the main entrance of the park. when we were all about to cross, this very big tall black car that looked a lot like a Cadillac Escalade, Parked in front of the main entrance, Instead of looking for a normal parking space. I personally thought that was very strange because nobody parks that way. Anyways, Me & my family had to keep moving on to get inside the theme park.  As we made a line for the entrance,everybody seemed to be talking loudly & facing one direction. Everybody was looking at the strange black car that i mentioned earlier. I turned around as well, to see what everybody was looking at. What i saw was a man in a black satin suit that had dark glasses. He came out of the drivers seat, & somehow looked at all of us that were looking at him. He then turned to the backseat where he then opened the door, and ANOTHER man wearing the same suit as the first man came out. That second man was holding an umbrella. (We all know Michael uses umbrellas many times) Well, the second man reached his hand inside, & grabbed the hand of the man i could swear was Michael. The man that looked amazingly alot like Michael came slowly out of the car, i first noticed his shoes. (They were black) I then noticed the kind of clothing he was wearing, (Black leather pants, black coat, dark sunglasses, something that looked like a scarf around his face, & a baseball cap.) The people around me were wondering who that person was. What was amazing, was that the two men who seemed to be security, seemed to have some type of special ID or another card of identification. That one of them showed to the person who was in charge of giving out the tickets, which then led them to entering less than a minute inside the park.

        Michael Jackson Seen At

                   Disney World

             A L I V E  

 The line i was in, was huge, but when i finally got through it, i was walking very quickly to see if i could possibly find that mystery person. Sadly, i never had a chance to find him. But there's no doubt that was Michael. Real fans like me, & others around the world really know how to tell when somebody is MJ or not. I want everybody to keep beLIEving no matter what happens. Always keep the faith like i'm keeping it! Never give up! I'm sure he's ABOUT to come back. I know it! I'll never give up of course, & neither should none of you either. I'm counting on you guys to beLIEve. He'll be here soon! But always remember the Love, The Faith, & TO BURN THE TABLOIDS!! I love you all, All  my love, Sandy xxx

            email received  Wed, February 9, 2011 8:51:24 PM  

                          Is Clearly Written 

            On Michael Jackson's Lower Lip


 Look closely for yourself.  Then check the enhanced picture below.  Someone is sending a message to the fans 


I am not sure if this is true but if you look at the cover of 'Michael'  and Zoom to 400 and look at the bubble underneth the M it shows a door from a video on your sight in the abulance where he gets out. and at the bottem left corner a little bit up and it says AFRICA and on his lips it says "i'm alive" i think it means to say "i am alive and in africa..." i was exited when i found this out but it makes sense. :)                                                   from KB
Saturday, February 5, 2011 3:18 AM

    (we need someone with a powerful zoom to send us this picture)

      Michael Jackson seen at Harrods 

Hi. I was at Harrods, the store owned by Michael's friend Mohammad al-Fayed, yesterday, Tuesday 18th January. I was browsing the home furniture department with a friend who's also a fan. We were looking at some sofas and chairs. It was during the day and there weren't many people around. There was about 4 other shoppers in the particular section we were in. While we were walking around, I noticed a member of staff talking to the other shoppers and each one walked off after he'd finished talking to them. He then came up to me and my friend and asked us to leave the department for a short while. I asked why and if we'd done anything wrong. All he said was there was a maintenance issue which had to be fixed and for health and safety reasons all customers would have to be out of the department. It seemed a bit odd but we had no choice but to obey his order and leave. As we went down the escalator, I told my friend that just for fun we should sneak back and have a look what they're up to.

 Is This Michael in Switzerland ?

We took the escalator back up and quickly ran behind one of the sofas and waited to see if anyone would show up. We waited about 5 minutes and nothing happened. We got bored and were about to leave when a group of about 6 men in suits came through the doors. We hid and tried to sneak the occasional look. I heard one of the men say "Not yet, not yet" and after a minute another one said "Get him secure" and "Has the area been cleared?". We didn't have a clue what was going on but we kept listening. And then we heard a guy say "Mr al-Fayed said bring him straight to his office. Secure him now". Another 5 minutes went past and we heard the doors open. I caught a quick glimpse of someone in a dark suit and sunglasses come through the doors surrounded by burly men. His hair was short but the features were unmistakeable. One of the men said "Straight through! Straight through!" and the man they were protecting giggled. I swear I recognised that giggle straightaway. I tried to get another look but he was rushed through a side door. I am certain that the man we saw was
Michael Jackson. He's very close friends with Mohammad al-Fayed and he would definitely trust him enough to involve him in the hoax.    
                            email received
  Wednesday, January 19, 2011 10:56 PM DS, London



 The Mystery of 9282

"Hello! - Someone I know had taken this picture in Switzerland on the Schildhorn. (Around September 25, 2009)- When she took the picture she did not notice that this could be MJ. - Later she posted the picture on Facebook and stated that it could be MJ. (She's not a Fan of MJ)
- I do not know if she wants me to send you this - instead of asking her, I just sent it to you (so she can't say no)- Please do not give my mail address or my name to anyone else!

My personal view: I looked at this picture several times - it really is interesting. Yesterday I decided that  I'll just sent it to you - so you can decide... I always thought that MJ is gone for sure, because he would never do such a thing to his kids - and they can't be such good actors (if they knew)But then again the 9282 thing is really amazing! It is important to know that the Pepsi incident is one of the most significant effects in PR History - and 9282 days later he "died" - is this really a coincidence? Or the biggest PR move in the Music business. Thanks! "
                                  email received
Saturday, January 15, 2011 10:01 AM  from L   


There were exactly 9282 days between Michael Jackson's birth in August 29, 1958, and the tragic accident on the set of the Pepsi Commercial  January 27, 1984, and exactly 9282 days between that day and Michael's disappearance on June 25, 2009.  There are also  9282 days since the Philadelphia Phillies won their last world series when they finally won in October 2008.  For much more on the 9282 mystery check Seeing Clues blog.

 Girl Seen Buying CD for Michael 

ALIVE Is Written 

on Michael's Lips

hi, I'm Demetris. earlier today, i was in kings gates shopping center, in ************. i was looking for cd's in hmv, when a girl caught my attention. she looked about 14, had black hair, a grey hoodie, jeans and a white with a number on, i cant remember. she was looking around, before picking up mj's new cd, and slowly walking over to the counter. she paid for the cd, and started walking out of the store. i decided to follow her because she looked like she was up to trouble. as she walked she would occasionally look around, asif to look to see if anyone was watching her. she walked into the car park, into a secluded bit, and walked over to a black car. the windows were blacked out, but not too much, so i could see through. there was a man sat there wearing what i thought was a scarf covering most his face, and a hat. he was sat in the back. she knocked on the window, and the man wound it down, she said 'don't worry, its me, ive got it' the man opened the door, and i caught a glimpse of his face, the bit that wasn't covered in the scarf. i swore i knew that face from somewhere before. they stayed in the car for about 10 minutes, before the girl came out. she said 'bye mike, will you come back soon?' he didn't reply. i then realised who it was. michael jackson. i was completely shocked. i write to you, hoping you will believe me. goodbye, i hope to hear from you soon.  

                                                              email received  Thursday, January 13, 2011 7:50 PM from DJ



Michael Jackson Fans around the world have been amazed about all the clues found on the cover of 'Michael' the new CD,   Nothing is more shocking than the word ALIVE spelled out on his lips.  We are asking that someone send in a detailed blow up.  The letters are definitely there , but you need a High Definition blow up to see it properly. For a slightly better page you can check the video page.

Another Musician Comes Forward 


On Dec 29,2010 we received an email from a true fan on Michael Jackson claiming she had been in contact with one of Michael's key musicians who said without a doubt that he had faked his death and would make a comeback at some point , maybe January.  Until we can confirm this information with certainty, we must leave out the actual names. If this information checks out it is perhaps the strongest evidence ever that we will see Michael perform again.

"Hello my name is D********  and I am a SUPER Michael Jackson Fan and I would not lie about anything that has to do with MJ. I never really saw him in person, but as you all know on the movie This Is It (XXXX. the musician who plays in Michael Jackson's band). Well XXXX is always talking about Michael Jackson so I asked XXXX if it was true that Michael faked is death and that his children know. XXXX said " yes it's true, but it kinda makes me mad ". I asked XXXX if he was going to come back and XXXX said " mabey in january from what he's told me" but XXXX wasn't sure. So I tryed asking XXXX how he was going to come back, but XXXX wouldn't answer. So I'm guessing it's a surprise. I Promise you this is all true some might not beleive me and I don't blame them because I wouldn't even myself. Trust me Michael is alive and here forever. "                                          email received from D**********  on Dec 29,2010 at 11.19am



 Hidden Message Found In "This Is It"

D*********   went on to tell us about the BACKWARD MASKING  on 'This Is It' .   BACKWARD MASKING is a technique that was popularized in the sixties when Rock Artists would insert secret backward messages in their music.  There were many backwards parts in the Beatles music.  Some artists went on to perfect the art by finding words that would say something both forwards and backwards.  It became a heated issue at one point when a Heavy Metal Band was taken to court and charged with a teenager's suicide because of backward , subliminal messages in their music.  We know Michael Jackson had a love for Illusion.  He was a master of Illusion.  So it would not be surprising if he inserted Backward Masking into his recordings.  Especially if he was trying to send an encoded message to his fans.  Well someone had taken the entire 'This Is It ' track and ren it backwards and the result is  HAIR RAISING.   Word fter word is heard clearly.  The message is clear.  It is total genius .  

Michael Jackson Sightings is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.



    Producer of new Michael Jackson CD thinks

              Michael is ALIVE and IN HIDING

According to website  "thatgrapejuice.net" in London,  Teddy Riley, who produced the album  “Michael,” has come out and said what many have been thinking, believing and talking about since the media announced that Michael had died .

Riley' stated quite simply that he thinks  Michael Jackson is still alive. He knows many people will think he's crazy, but according to the information that he has access to he claims that  Michael Jackson is , " in hiding " because he was a target... for people, the media... Everybody, except his children and his surrogate family."  He goes on to claim that
“It was hard working on this album with him not being here, and not being able to, you know, really take this album to the level that it’s supposed to go to…”.  Riley feels that Michael is , "Smiling down" upon the project.


Riley is the one of the producers that worked with Michael a lot over the years.  He did the  “Dangerous” album in 1991, and  recalls working on  the new album was “very emotional.” He goes on  to say that he  tried  to bring Jackson’s spirit into the studio by putting up pictures Michael, and would go back to recordings they did together like “Jam” and “Dangerous” to see if he thought Michael would be pleased.
Riley  insists that all the lead vocals are  Michael Jackson . He goes on to say that much of the controversy is because the Jackson Family was not really a part of the project and "for his surrogate family [the Cascios] to be a strong part of the project, that’s a problem to them.”  Some family members had also been asking “how much publishing do we have on this.” Riley says he hasn’t even begun talking about his own publishing rights. While he says talks may come to that, he also notes that if it doesn’t happen, “it doesn’t matter, because I came on it [the project] for my friend [Michael Jackson].”

  Riley also recently put up a blog  site, 'teddyrileyblog.wordpress.com', opening it with a message to Michael Jackson written on Dec. 12. Talking directly to Michal with his full name of Michael Joseph Jackson, he called Michael a “friend, mentor, big brother & musical partner,”  He then makes this dramatic statement :

“Your wishes have been made. I’ve done your first command. I am here as your servant…"




  Look at what Celebrities are saying about the

 New Michael Jackson Music


Producer Teddy Riley has tweeted that he thinks Michael faked his death and will return at some point.  Riley was a collaborator on many Michael Jackson hits and produced "Breaking News" from the new album.   When a fan tweeted back about Akon's thoughts on Michael being in hiding , Riley responded that he and Akon  "think alike".  Akon, who produced "Hold My Hand" from the new CD, Michael, is threatening to burn the tapes saying Michael's incomplete work should not be released.   We must ask ourselves just what is going on.  It appears that things are really heating up here.  What if , perhaps... THE POST DISAPPEARANCE MICHAEL JACKSON MONEY MACHINE  is somehow offending the King of Pop himself.   If anything would drive Michael out of hiding , we believe it would be the release of tracks he felt were inferior.       

 Top Christmas Charts

 Could    This    Be    Michael Jackson ? 

The public CAN NOT GET ENOUGH OF MICHAEL JACKSON  !!!!   The longer he is out of the spotlight , the more people want him back.   The new Michael Jackson CD, called simply , "Michael" is expected to be the top selling CD this Christmas Season.  Another blockbuster package is also being released called , "Vision"  featuring 42 Michael Jackson Videos, along with behind the scenes action.  It is a beautiful package and a perfect present for any true Jackson fan.   If these weren't enough,  Nintendo is releasing the new Michael Jackson Video Game , "Experience " for Wii ,   This game allows players to learn some of Michaels patented dance steps.   If all this wasn't enough , cirque du soleil has started selling tickets to  the Immortal World Tour which starts in Montreal in October 2011.   There is much speculation that if Michael has been hiding out this would be the perfect opportunity to re-emerge in a new and wonderful light.  




Hello, I was searching through the  web when i came across a video.             At first I thought it was a fake.....         but then i looked at the hands      and I knew that michael always  wore a red wrist band  and the   person inthis video is wearing   the exact same one!! I think  it's  him.                                              email received from P.C. Sat, November 13, 2010 3:31:50 PM



                                                       but .......                                                 



 "Breaking    News"     is    Full    of    Clues    



We all know that Monday at midnight a new song was released by MJ called “Breaking News”. Have you listened to the lyrics of this song. In the song Michael is angry with the media because they won’t leave him alone. He talks about the public’s fascination with him in the media. He talks something about an obituary things about MJ? Now isn’t that strange considering his estate claims that this song was written in 2007. The contents of this song is current (meaning it describes MJ now for example mention of the obituary). In “Breaking News” Michael also mentions something about an adventure? Remember at the close of a rehearsal Michael said this is an Adventure? “Breaking News” I feel has a lot of clues. Do you wonder why Michael’s mom is saying that , the person sing the song is not Michael? It sounds like Michael to me, but a lot of people don’t like what “Breaking News” is saying. Michael’s mom may be trying to appeased the media by saying that it is not Michael singing “Breaking News”. I think it is Michael and that song I feel is full  of clues. What do you think? Do you think Michael is singing “Breaking News”? Did you hear any of the clues in “Breaking News”? For the non believers that Michael is still alive they don’t understand the song and this is why many people feel that it is not Michael. I’m not sure why his mom is saying that Michael’s not singing “Breaking News”? I would love to hear your thoughts about what I think about “Breaking News”. Do you agree or disagree?  Thank you very much and I love your sight. 

 email received from Kimberly Wed, November 10, 2010 4:46:41 PM


 I see clues in "Breaking News" which I will elaborate with more detail. In the first verse of "Breaking News" Michael I think gives reasons why he went into hiding. The first verse is: "Everybody wanting Michael Jackson, Reporters stalking the moves of Michael Jackson. So, that verse to me are some of the clues to why Michael went into hiding. He's saying everybody wanting Michael Jackson and everybody includes" fans, enemies, papparazzi, reporters, and more. He was tired of reporters following his every move (almost like stalking). But the most important clue is the second verse that states: "Just when you thought he (Michael) was done, he comes to give it again!!!! This verse to me TALKS ABOUT MICHAEL'S COME BACK!!!!! Are you excited YET!! When Michael says in the second verse "Just when you thought he was done (done meaning dead), he (Michael) comes to give it AGAIN!!!! (meaning that he will come out of hiding to perform and Direct, and be better than before.

Another, very important clue in "Breaking News" to show that this version is relating to Michael today and not 2007 when the original was supposed to have been recorded, is this verse in the beginning of "Braking News": I went around the world today, He wants to write my obituary??? Now it is possible that this part pertaining to the obituary was recorded in 2007, but I dont't think so. Because, when I first heard "Breaking News" I wanted to see the lyrics because I wanted to make sure that I heard right when he said "he wants to write my obituary". But the strange thing was that every site that I went to, to see the lyrics for "Breaking News" the lyrics did not include the part about the obituary. I knew I clearly heard Michael say " I went around the world today, he wants to write my obituary". Now this part and clue is very important, READY. Being confused that all of the sights that I clicked on for "Breaking News" lyrics didn't have the obituary
part I went to the official Michael Jackson web sight and "Breaking News" lyrics was on the sight and guess what? The lyrics on the Official Michael Jackson web sight did include the part about the obituary, AND IT IS ON THE SONG!!! Michael Jackson's Official web sight is the only sight that I clicked on that had the obituary verse in the lyrics. That fact is very POWERFUL to me. I agree with Teddy Riley and Akon that possibly Michael is not happy that some of his incomplete songs are being releashed, and that he may possibly be thinking of coming out of hiding sometime soon (maybe within the year of 2011), and when he does it will definitely be "Breaking News"!!! L.O.V.E. Kimberly, I love you Michael!                                                                            email received on   Fri, November 26, 2010 9:24:00 AM


 Mom is Revealing Everything on Oprah 




Katherine Jackson along with children Prince, Paris and Blanket – will be interviewed  on The Oprah Winfrey Show Monday, November 8.  There is speculation that she will make shocking revelations about the life of her son,  Michael Jackson.  Randy Jackson is furious about the Oprah taping.  He said his "stomach ached" when he learned about the interview.

He went on to say  that  when the jury was deliberating his brother's fate on child molestation charges in 2005, Winfrey did a show on paedophilia.  Randy twittered , " I know that he would not have wanted this ." 

"In fact, she is the last person on earth he would want around his children.

"I know there are a lot of you out there upset and angry over this. I don’t blame you.

 Lisa Marie says he feared for his life

 Is This A Recent Picture of Michael ?

Lisa Marie Presly is finally speaking about Michael Jackson's disappearance.  The last time they spoke Michael asked here if she still loved him.  "I told him I was indifferent," says Lisa.  "He didn't like that word. He cried."

Then he dropped the bombshell 

"Someone was going to try to kill him

to get a hold of his catalog and his estate.

We have reported Michael telling many friends this in the year before he vanished.   What does one do when people are trying to kill them ?   Tell the police ?   Arm themselves ?   Or if you are a master of disguise ,  you fake your death and go into hiding.   Many sightings have been reported recently , we have not published them for obvious reasons.




"Please do not disclose my name or the whereabouts of this e-mail.  I've attached a photo that I took of Michael secretly using my mobile phone.  I was sitting about 10 feet from him, he was aware that I was in the room but didn't know I was taking the photo. This is highly confidential.  Do not disclose my personal info and please do not reply to this e-mail.  Michael is well but is taking it easy.  He does not plan on making a come back.  I really want to tell you more but I have said too much"

                                                               e-mail and picture received Fri, September 24, 2010 12:44:44 PM


I have a question about all these Michael Jackson pictures. I would do anything to know that Michael was alive but if he faked his death because he was afraid for his life then why would he let people even see him for one moment or does he really think he pulled it off?  With all the Michael Jackson sightings can you tell most of them are fake. it's just not him. This last one however really looks like him. And what about his kids. Prince had a facebook and it was real because facebook sent out an e-mail telling everyone to stop asking if he was really him. All of a sudden though before x-mas  after Michael's death? Prince said that he was going to take a break from facebook but he would be back. He never came back and also you were seeing the children out and about and now you don't see or hear one word about them. I know that Michael would die for his kids so where are they? he also would never go away and not see them. That would kill him. right? So when are we ever going to know. If he isn't doing a come back then will we have to wonder forever. That's not fair,but Michael Jackson would be in a lot of trouble don't you think if he all of a sudden reappeared. His brother said when he was taken to the airport then corrected himself and said hospital. Did he really just make a mistake or was he lying. Why would Latoya go to view his body at forest lawn if he wasn't there or was it to play up  to the whole Michael Jackson fake death? Sorry for writing so much but I sit here for hours and read everything and it doesn't make sense. Why would Michael sing with Paul Anka at his concert the this is it song? Not if he's far away. The more people that know his is alive? actually makes it worse for him and his family. What do you guys think? How many people are in on this if Michael is alive? it seems just too many for a fake death. too dangerous. The day he died was ridiculous. Why didn't they say it was unless either he was already dead or had left the house with the so called doctor. What if he is charged and goes to jail. I haven't heard anything about either have you ?

                                                          email received from SOJ  Thu, September 30, 2010 1:26:30 PM








i am  a close friend of michael jacksons eldest sons girlfriend i talk to her everyday she always has told me to belive her  that michael is alive she says she speaks to him everyday so i told her i would also like to see for myself if she just lost her mind or is telling the truth i cant  say the name of the hospital and what exactly happened on the 14th of april last month but i met him he is extreamly sick  fighting his trmendous drug addition had a seizure  2 to 3 weeks back and was just released from the hospital  on  wednesday he is suffering from a disease called epilipsey which causes continous seizures of any kind .....i am not in a position to reveal any more info . but i'd like to end this message by saying all of you are doing a GREAT job please michael jackson would like more fans to find out the truth and with love in m y heart please do belive me  because i see him everyday and my heart is broken that his fans still cry and go through so much pain  although he is alive.

love your friend mel.....  

                                                  email received  Mon, June 7, 2010 11:56:37 AM






 and living in Ireland ?

Something very strange seems to be happening in Ireland.   We have received several e-mails from people claiming to have seen Michael Jackson in Ireland.   The most shocking came from Sharon who has been communicating with us on a regular basis since Michael's disappearance  last year.   Sharon revealed "her" real name and sent these pictures



"Sharon" claims that Michael Jackson is staying  in Cork under an             assumed name with the initials  A.H.


Is This Michael in Ireland ? 




The first picture was taken of Michael fleeing the US and the second is his possible new home in Ireland.   Why Ireland ?

Something we reported almost a year ago has recently shown up in the  major news services.  Michael Loves Ireland.  He would often escape there to get away from the media maddness elsewhere.  Jackson told reporters: “Ireland has inspired me to make a great album. I have never given up on making music.”  Michael often stayed at the Grouse Lodge or he would relax  in Co Wicklow.     He he paid  €30,000 per week to stay at Luggala Castle for three months.

Michael often said he  wanted to move to Ireland permanently, and that he even spent time house-hunting in Co Cork.

Psychic Randa Starr,claims that Michael's fascination with Ireland stems from his interest  in fairies and leprechauns.  There were even rumours that Michael had plans to build an Irish-themed leprechaun theme park.  In March this year, many of Jackson's personal items were auctioned off in  Co Kildare.      Want more MIchael in Ireland Info ?


 We've all seen the horrible "final " picture

      of Michael in the ambulance



     But have you seen how it was made ? 



 You take the ambulance picture on the left  and insert Michael Jackson's face





in a recent e-mail Sharon P.  alerted us the the fact that there was HARD EVIDENCE  that the ambulance photo was faked.     We have posted several videos on the VIDEO page that explain this process in detail.



 It's been ten years

since Michael's disappearance

and we are expecting a sign  



Everything is pointing to these days, this time . Now.  We are asking all Michael Jackson Fans from around the world to look diligantly for signs.  If Michael is alive, we feel this anniversary is when he will make his presence known.  It could be a message on Twitter or a sighing in Stockholm.   No one knows.  Please report anything you see or hear that could be a Sign and we will post it immediately.  God Bless you Michael , wherever you are .


"i am alive and here forever "  




This is by far the most shocking Michael Jackson Sighting we have received yet.  We were very hesitant to post it.  We can not come to any firm conclusion about its authenticity but for some reason it seems to ring true.  We have reprinted the full original email and subsequent correspondence on the  EYEWITNESS PAGE.  We want to know what you think.   Is it possible.  Is Michael Alive ?  



and then there's this  .....


 Airport Shutdown for 2 hours             

 after MJ's "Death"                      

According to Bang Media new recordings have emerged that prove Michael Jackson feared for his life and went into hiding.   Tapes of leaked answering machine messages have revealed  that Michael begged friends for money to help him start a new life as he feared for his safety.

In one message, published by The Sun newspaper, he said: "It is Michael calling. It is very important, I want that 150 in that account for me, because... I am very concerned about my life. I am hearing a lot of stories that (name withheld) is still trying to sabotage (inaudible) me and I want to be in a different environment and, um, I've found a place that I like and now (inaudible) I want to be away for a while where they can't find me. So please help me, help (inaudible) help me, and, um, more important than (inaudible). We are brothers."

Other messages  reveal the "embarrassed" singer was trying to flee the "Italian Mafia" and make more requests for cash, using the code word "sun screen" for money. In many messages he sounds frantic and paranoid, while in others his voice is slurred and he appears dazed and confused. Daphne said: "Some of Michael's closest confidents talked to me exclusively about his addictions - and provided audio tapes of Michael never heard before.



 Michael Jackson spotted in Stockholm 

In an email we received Sat, June 5, 2010 3:55:04 PM   Oyku reports  "LAX (Los Angeles airport) was shutdown for 2 hours on 25th June after Michael Jackson’s sudden death. A mysterious private jet departed from the airport during this time. The staff on the airport had been told to ignore the plane. This is interesting, since Jermaine Jackson made a little slip-up during a radio-interview not too long ago. He said that “Michael was not with us way before he arrived to the airport.” The woman who interviews Jermaine gives him a strange look, and Jermaine quickly says he meant “the hospital”. Airport… Hospital. Alike? "

   To Read all 32 of Oyku's revalations click here

you see, i 'm on a business trip in sweden for a few weeks, and i had a day off today so i was being a general tourist, just wandering around stockholm(the capital city.) i was eating in a cafe around midday, in a fairly quiet street. and then suddenly walking down the road came michael jackson!! and i'm seriously not joking, it was definatly him, he had his head down but he looked up for  second and looked right at me, his face was unmistakable. he was walking between two more men, both quite tall and burly. i got the shock of my life and got my camera out(to get some evidence) but the damn thing had run out of battory!! i was so annoyed, i ran out to try and  get another  glimpse of michael but he had dissapeared round the corner with the two men. by the time i had gone round the corner, they had got into a black car and driven off.
of course, i was devasted not to have talked to him, but i hvant told anyone except my close family(who dont believ me sadly) as he obviously has reasons for keeping hidden. i just wanted to share my amazign story with others liek me, who believ he still is alive,


                                                                      email recieved April 11, 2010 from Jason aged 36

seriously, this is not a joke, i really think ive just seen michael jackson, alive!! im shakign so hard, it was such a shock! i found your site a while ago, and thought some of it was interesting. beign a lifelong fan of MJ, i was obviously devastated when i heard the news about him, i just presumed he was dead. but all your evidence and photos had made me suspicious, and now i know the truth!! 



MJHOAXEVIDENCE has posted a video on YouTube with some of the most incredible evidence we have seen.  He posted screenshots of what he claims to be the official Jackson Twitter account with tweets about Michael coming back in June  !!!!!!   Oddly, The June come-back is also mentioned in one of the sightings reported below from Michael's personal psychic.





 Sony Pays 250 Million for new Michael Jackson Record 

The story just keeps getting deeper and stranger.  Now Dr. Murray is claiming that Michael Jackson killed himself.  He says that he gave Michael a little  Propofol to help him sleep but when  he left the room Michael injected himself with a fatal dose.   WHAT IS UP HERE ?   I hope someone else smells a rat,  something is wrong with all this ,  It appears that someone died,  but was it really Michael ??  


If Michael Jackson is dead 

 why do people keep seeing him

in England ?  

After reading rich- i mean RJO's story, i was incredibly surprised to find my name in his account! Maybe it was local myth, or i'm just incredibly popular, but it was rather strange hearing the alternative names he goes by! I have however spoken to a local adult shop owner who claims to have served Michael Jackson. I have seen someone who looks like him and hoped it was, and

 i know of people who have seen Michael Jackson. He was pretty much as RJO described, and i have seen a black limo and a silver mercedes around the shops i usually visit, which wasn't there before. I agree with RJO's view that Michael  may be hiding in Wisbech, as it would be a get away from all the limelight. Faking his own death would be a good way to escape the publicity and hassle all us loving fans gave him, but we musn't blame ourselves. I hope this is true, and that he is still alive and safe in a palce he can now enjoy. 

                                                               email received Tue, March 9, 2010 7:21:20 AM from Alex H.

    I was excited to come across your web site earlier, having searched the Internet in desperation after believing that I had sighted Michael Jackson in the town of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, England. The question that immediately sprang to mind was "why on earth, if Michael Jackson is indeed alive, would he be found in the east of England?". The answer to this question hit me very suddenly... The man was dressed fully in black, with a thin wiry build and fragile gait, he wore a fedora style hat and tinted glasses with a mask covering his nose and mouth. My breath was taken by his very presence, his pale white skin seemed almost ghostly from behind the dark vale of his vampirical fringe. Everything about him said
   this is Michael Jackson         ; but something else said to me 'this isn't'. He still had the walk, the presence, the style that won all of our hearts but he looked tired of it all. I only caught his eyes for a few moments before he was whisked into a limousine by a burly bodyguard-type person; I realised the reason he is here is because he's had enough of the jet set life. Perhaps Michael Jackson has simply retired, the boy that never grew up has indeed grown up and now wants to retire to a sleepy Georgian Village in England.
                          Michael Jackson seen in UK

P. S. as a side note, I heard from a shop owner in the centre of town who insists

he served Michael Jackson and that he used the name Joe Willis, others that I have spoken to insist that he has assumed a number of names including Alexander O-Hennesy and Andrew Hill.                                     
               email recieved from RJO 
Mon, March 8, 2010

Michael Seen Again in England !!! 

 Last weekend on the fifth of March I had gone out with my friends around King's Lynn, Norfolk, England. Getting bored of the proceedings I had decided to leave early, around eleven p.m. Walking through the streets alone and only slightly drunk I stumbled across a heap of dark clothes upon the floor, thinking nothing of it I carried on until I heard a voice in the darkness; "Hey there, are you alright to be walking alone?" It was a soft voice, with an American lilt and I froze suddenly - it sounded familiar but I just couldn't place it. I turned and saw a ghostly presence before me, he had this soothing aura and I felt immediate peace. "I'm fine," I tried to say, but I heard the words slurring out of my mouth. "Let me walk with you."
This man, small and weak walked me until I was almost at my door, never speaking a word more. I was burning to ask him if he was who I thought he was, KNEW he was. I know this great, great man had chosen to retire to Norfolk, England and I have heard rumours he is actually staying in Wisbech, a town close to Lynn. I often think of that night, and what could have happened.               

Thank you Michael  for walking me home ,

 for being the great artist you are, and for choosing to live in England. If we ever meet again, I would be happy to return your watch.  Always waiting, NC.                                                                                                                                                        email received 3/9/10 from Nichole C. 

We have received another email from Marie .....

Apply Now - Get Approved - Get Funds.


         and we believe her now

                    more than ever .......                                                                                                                     



"On October 6, 2009 I shared with you my experience that happened on September 30, 2009 when I saw Michael Jackson at the Miami Airport. That day has replayed in my mind everyday since it happened. I know who I saw I'm not crazy. And I know that other people there saw him as well. I was at that Airport again recently when I came back home on a weekend leave from my stationed base in Virginia. Being a fan all my life I got this feeling that I cannot explain when I looked at him in the middle of the crowd. That walk was so characteristic of Michael. It was him I know it. My family thinks I just can't let go. I really don't care what anybody thinks. I hold a job in the U.S Air Force I have absolutely nothing to gain from making any of this up. But as I said I know who I saw. Michael Jackson is alive."    e-mail recieved from Marie  1/29/2010  Here's her original sighting .........

 I   saw   Michael   Jackson     

    in   the   Miami   Airport       

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.  35      people      saw                             

I've looked for some place where I can tell what I saw. I'm in the U.S Air Force. I was on leave back home in Miami, Fl. On Sept 30 I was in the Miami Airport getting ready to fly back to Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia where I'm stationed. I was standing around replying to a text message. When this group on men came storming through. I didn't know what was going on I started running towards them and I could see a man in the middle of the crowd with a white fedora, a black satin surgical mask  Michael Jackson. People were yelling Michael. And I started yelling Michael, Michael as well. I heard some lady say Oh My God he is alive. They were darting through they went outside. I had tears in my eyes because I knew it was him. I'm a huge fan and I would never make this up and give false hope to anyone. Please believe me I saw Michal alive   

   email recieved Tuesday, October 6, 2009  10:02:08 AM from Marie  (more below )


Michael    Jackson    at    the    Miami    Airport !!!!

According to Your World Report,  35 eyewitness's spotted Michael Jackson running through the Miami International Airport on September 30. The article goes on to speculate . "“Is he alive? Is he dead? Is he dead but back on earth as an angel? "   The article further states that the man they thought was Jackson  “was wearing a black satin surgical mask and white fedora.”   He was surrounded by an entourage of ,  “about 25 very tough-looking men, all in dark suits and wearing sunglasses with Michael in the middle. 


 Seen   in  Denmark 

“They were coming through the airport and moving fast – at first I thought President Obama must be in town. But then I saw Michael and I wasn’t the only one.

“I know it was him. About 20 of us all seemed to shout at once, “Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson! It’s him! He’s alive!’ before the men who were with him pushed him into a black limo and raced out of there.’

“I was shaking so hard I couldn’t think straight. About 30 to 35 people gathered around and everybody was saying, “It was him. I know it was. “

“Then airport security officers came from every direction and they threatened to call the police if we didn’t move on. We told them Michael Jackson had been there and they looked at us like we were crazy. But I’m not crazy. I know what I saw. Michael Jackson is alive.”

The woman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, identified herself as “a licensed therapist” practicing in Miami



Sees Michael In UK        

He gave the Zip code which I can't recall, but I noticed the letter was addressed somewhere in Indianapolis, USA. This whole incident caused such a scene as we don't see things like this often in our neck of the woods. A little crowd of people gathered round and someone went to take a photo with their cellphone.One of three security men took the phone  and practically tore it in half, giving the guy a small handful of British currency. This caused more excitement, and more people gathered around from outside the shop. Another security man appeared and they ushered the 'stranger' out of the shop towards the car. As he passed me,   

                                                           is Justin Bieber the new Michael

"hello my father makes shoes in a mall in denmark  one day i was in for lunch and talked with my dad
suddenly Michael Jackson walked up and asked my dad to make his shoes  because they where to rough on the bottom so he couldnt moonwalk..i started to cry and asked are you really michael jackson. he looked at me and said of course i am. i asked him why he made the hole world believe he was dead. tears filled his eyes and he said i just needed a break i needed to get help for my drug problem. i'm so sad i hurt my fans around the world and i will come back and do my world tour. i just needed a break. I hugged him and he asked do you think the fans will forgive me i told him of course we will our love for you are uncondiotionely. i said i love you and he said i love you more."  e-mail received 2/4/10 from Line

I going into the post office which is inside the Costcutters shop, in Layt

on, Blackpool, UK. A big limo pulled up (black with dark windows) and a big burly security looking guy got out and went in before me. He was at the counter in front of me and he spoke with an American/South African accent. He was trying to mail a letter to the USA. The counter lady asked for the zip code to add (it was a recorded delivery letter) and the guy didn't know. So he was on his cellphone asking someone about it. Within a minute or so, a guy the build of MJ came in with another security looking guy. The stranger was wearing a big black fedora type hat, dark sunglasses and a little black mask over his mouth and nose.


obsessive. I am a respectable, middle aged guy who although I love his music and have had it in my life since I was a kid myself, I'm not a fanatic for MJ. I run a small business and was in the army Royal Military Police for 12 years, so observation is a good skill I developed. Why would he be here in Blackpool UK? the simple answer is why not? There is a large award winning zoo and animal centre here which is small enough not to attract too big a crowd, yet large enough to be on your own and not be too obvious to people. Just athought.                   email received Wed Oct 28 from  Blackpoolrock         After this experience,         

 I know 100% in myself that MJ is still alive              

and that it was him.                               


                   I looked straight into his eyes

           and I absolutely knew, it was Michael Jackson. 

I can't expalin totally why, some things you just know from instinct and a special place inside you.  I feel almost stupid, because the first thing I could think of saying was "You are not alone"  and the 'stranger' leaned towards my ear and whispered "I am here with you" quick as a flash. I know inside me without doubt, this was Michael Jackson.  Someone behind me said "He looks like Michael Jackson"  at which the  stranger was ushered faster into the car  and they drove off quite fast.  To explain, I am not an MJ

  first look at his fingers nose and lips if you look at the other picture youll see that his fingers are hard and wrinkly and tan colored also the nose is not as pointy and lips are pinker or redder than his usual style i hope this helps     ps:look at the THIS IS IT announcer mj and look at his hair  its very CLEARLY a wig.

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  email recieved from moonwalker Nov 22, 2009  


       "I talk to him everyday"

says Michael Jackson's longtime friend Cassandra Gretchen-Sims in an interview with Your World Report tabloid.   “‘Tell them I had to do it. I had no choice. If I had tried to do the London shows we had scheduled, I would have died for real. I thank God for helping me see the light. I will see you all next June on my world tour – the greatest tour the world has ever seen, bigger than Thriller, bigger than the Beatles and the Rolling Stones combined.’  “He told me to ‘tell everyone, tell all my fans’ that the stories of his drug abuse and addiction ’sadly, are true. But I’m not dead. I’m getting stronger and drugs are behind me. I’ll never take another drug, not even an aspirin. Tell my fans I’m sorry for putting them through so much sadness and turmoil.  “He is monitoring the Internet and he really enjoys all the messages from his fans. He said they ‘give me strength and fill me with love. Tell them that all the love they send to me I send right back. I love my fans!’”                                          Paris France 9/12/09


       Ireland revealed as Michael's Sanctuary

Michael Jackson's older brother Jermaine has revealed that Ireland was always Michael's place to escape the madness of his crazy life.   Jermaine told the press that he absolutely loved it there and spent much time in the castles.   He said Michael found  it very green, beatiful  and peaceful.    

"I would like some way to disappear where people don't see me anymore at some point," ... "I don't want to grow old. I never want to look in the mirror and see that" 

recently i read that michael was house hunting in Ireland and mainly in a hide away counties of wicklow and cork!
and supposedly he has been spotted in Dublin Airport with two men and a woman!

Michael has always had a fascination with Ireland and mythology!

the king is here!
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            Michael Jackson Healings ?

According to  Meredith Moraven,  a Swiss reporter there are reported  Michael Jackson healings  in Budapest, Prague and Rome.  “I have spoken with two families of three who are claiming that Micheal’s ‘ghost’ – or his ‘angel’ – appeared at the bedsides of their children late at night and healed them of cancers, as one parent describes it, ‘With love and a touch.’  “I have confirmation in one instance from a doctor who says that he didn’t see Jackson but is willing to sign an affadavit saying that an 11-year-old boy he didn’t expect to live more than a day or two is now recovering at home with no sign or symptom of the leukemia that was killing him, thanks, according to his mother, to Michael Jackson’s angel appearing at his bedside.’   from Your World Report


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In 2000-2001, Michael Jackson sat down with his close friend and spiritual guide, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, to record what turned out to be the most intimate and revealing conversations of his life. It was Michael-s wish to bare his soul and unburden himself to a public that he knew was deeply suspicious of him. The resulting thirty hours are the basis of The Michael Jackson Tapes. There has never been, and never will be, anything like them 

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In the past week we have received even more emails from people claiming to have seen Michael Jackson 

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      I saw Michael

         in Norway

I am sure I saw Michael – I live not far from where Omar Bhatti’s family live (Holmlia in Oslo, Norway) and today when I drove past the railway station at Hauketo ( nor far away) I saw a man who had to be Michael – he was waiting for the local train (not sure which direction – to or from Holmlia(together with two men who looked like bodyguards) and he was wearing his usual hat and towel + a black jacket and pants. The bodyguards stood very close to him, as to protect him from being spotted. I opened my car window and shoutet “Hi Michael” and he quickly turned his head towards me and then hid his face. I was too shocked to manage to take a picture with my cellphone – but I am positive this was Michael!!!!!                                          T.F.G.     Thursday, September 3, 2009 9:32 PM


   Michael Jackson was not 

recognized by paramedics   

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 Urgent Message to who-ever sent the e-mail about Michael's where-abouts in the UK  this weekend

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Michael Jackson At BET Awards ??


  Video of final moments with MJ disappears - The images that could reveal what happened on June 25, mysteriously disappeared from the mansion of the star. According to the National Enquirer, "authorities in the case said that the Jackson family mansion was equipped with a strong security system. "There were cameras on the outside and also inside the residence," revealed a police source.    


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But think about it.  Doesn't it make sense that the King of Pop would fake his death at this point in his life ?  Being forced out of seculsion to pay off huge debts,  Being "owned"  by powerfull forces he needed to escape from , yes ..... 

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Paramedics who attended to the call of the house of Michael Jackson on June 25 said that Sunday (26) that the body of the singer was an old man, according to the English tabloid The Sun. "It seems very weak, old and sick man," said a staff member

     Michael sent a double to his last rehersal

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