Ok, i havnt seen MJ but i do have an uncle that works and lives in Abu Dhabi in UAE.  and he is telling me that everyone there is talking about MJ being alive and is actually living there.  It would make sense to me because the U.K newspaper telegraph have reported in the past that MJ actually converted to Islam with the help of his brother Tito. and here is the link http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/celebritynews/3494296/Michael-Jackson-converts-to-Islam-and-changes-name-to-Mikaeel.html  and doesnt it seem odd to you that some of Michael's closest friends such as Diana Ross, Liz Taylor , McCully Culkin and Oprah did not attend his memorial!! and why havnt they burried "the body"?     July 17 2009

I'm actually shaking right now because I have just seen Michael Jackson alive. Man I'm so angry I left my camera in the car. I'm currently in an internet cafe near a small harbour town called Port Saeed just east of Deira, UAE. I just told my friend on Facebook and she linked me to this website. It was DEFINITELY him. I saw him from about 20 metres away stepping off a small tug boat. His face had a scarf or something draped over it, but he lifted it up to step off the boat and IT WAS DEFINITELY HIM. There was a middle aged, local looking woman and 2 big guys with him. The guys were both dark skinned but I'm not sure if they were local. They all jogged towards a beat up car, possibly a taxi, parked by the dock and they were out of there within seconds. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE. I am going crazy right now and the people around me think I'm some kind of lunatic for how I rushed in here yelping and flailing. THE KING IS ALIVE !!    - D S   ( e-mail was received July 6, 2009)

I was in Dubai visiting my relatives. I was staying at the Hilton, I was staying on the fourth floor. I was leaving the hotel to meet for dinner with my family, when i called the elevator to the fourth floor when a man walked out of the elevator dressed in a black leather jacket. I noticed he was very pale and strange looking so I wondered to myself if this man had an illness because of the scarf he was wearing around his face. So i walked past him into the elevator and as the door was shutting, I watched him take off his scarf, looking around thinking that nobody had noticed. kept pressing the fourth floor button to go back up and see his room number but it was to late. Once i was home that night i returned to my floor and knocked on Michael Jacksons door, but nobody came to the door. I know for a fact that this was Michael Jackson, the man everyone thought was dead, but guess what there now is no doubt in my mind the king of pop is still alive!   T.L.  July 31 2009  Email Acco