I was excited to come across your web site earlier, having searched the Internet in desperation after believing that I had sighted Michael Jackson in the town of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, England. The question that immediately sprang to mind was "why on earth, if Michael Jackson is indeed alive, would he be found in the east of England?". The answer to this question hit me very suddenly... The man was dressed fully in black, with a thin wiry build and fragile gait, he wore a fedora style hat and tinted glasses with a mask covering his nose and mouth. My breath was taken by his very presence, his pale white skin seemed almost ghostly from behind the dark vale of his vampirical fringe. Everything about him said
   this is Michael Jackson         ; but something else said to me 'this isn't'. He still had the walk, the presence, the style that won all of our hearts but he looked tired of it all. I only caught his eyes for a few moments before he was whisked into a limousine by a burly bodyguard-type person; I realised the reason he is here is because he's had enough of the jet set life. Perhaps Michael Jackson has simply retired, the boy that never grew up has indeed grown up and now wants to retire to a sleepy Georgian Village in England.
                          Michael Jackson seen in UK

P. S. as a side note, I heard from a shop owner in the centre of town who insists


he served Michael Jackson and that he used the name Joe Willis, others that I have spoken to insist that he has assumed a number of names including Alexander O-Hennesy and Andrew Hill.                                     
               email recieved from RJO 
Mon, March 8, 2010

After reading rich- i mean RJO's story, i was incredibly surprised to find my name in his account! Maybe it was local myth, or i'm just incredibly popular, but it was rather strange hearing the alternative names he goes by! I have however spoken to a local adult shop owner who claims to have served Michael Jackson. I have seen someone who looks like him and hoped it was, and

                  i know of people who have seen Michael Jackson. He was pretty much as RJO described, and i have seen a black limo and a silver mercedes around the shops i usually visit, which wasn't there before. I agree with RJO's view that Michael  may be hiding in Wisbech, as it would be a get away from all the limelight. Faking his own death would be a good way to escape the publicity and hassle all us loving fans gave him, but we musn't blame ourselves. I hope this is true, and that he is still alive and safe in a palce he can now enjoy. 

                                                               email received Tue, March 9, 2010 7:21:20 AM from Alex H.


Last weekend on the fifth of March I had gone out with my friends around King's Lynn, Norfolk, England. Getting bored of the proceedings I had decided to leave early, around eleven p.m. Walking through the streets alone and only slightly drunk I stumbled across a heap of dark clothes upon the floor, thinking nothing of it I carried on until I heard a voice in the darkness; "Hey there, are you alright to be walking alone?" It was a soft voice, with an American lilt and I froze suddenly - it sounded familiar but I just couldn't place it. I turned and saw a ghostly presence before me, he had this soothing aura and I felt immediate peace. "I'm fine," I tried to say, but I heard the words slurring out of my mouth. "Let me walk with you."
This man, small and weak walked me until I was almost at my door, never speaking a word more. I was burning to ask him if he was who I thought he was, KNEW he was. I know this great, great man had chosen to retire to Norfolk, England and I have heard rumours he is actually staying in Wisbech, a town close to Lynn. I often think of that night, and what could have happened.

                 Thank you Michael Jackson for walking me home, for being the great artist you are, and for choosing to live in England. If we ever meet again, I would be happy to return your watch.  Always waiting, NC.

                                                                                  email received 3/9/10 from Nichole C.


                          Michael Jackson seen at Manchester Airport...                             

Hi, I saw Michael Jackson yesterday at Manchester (UK) Airport waiting for a flight to Dubai. I am sure it was him, he was very thin, his face was covered by a veil, and he had the same soft voice. He was reading a paper about his own disappearance! I was shocked to see he had no security with him, just 1 small bag, and when I turned to my partner and said 'that looks just like Michael Jackson!' the man walked off at a quick pace into the loos and my partner said I was a nutter. When we were leaving I heard a man say to his wife that he's seen Michael Jackson's  Double . K.C.  Tuesday June 30

I am sure I saw Michael – I live not far from where Omar Bhatti’s family live (Holmlia in Oslo, Norway) and today when I drove past the railway station at Hauketo ( nor far away) I saw a man who had to be Michael – he was waiting for the local train (not sure which direction – to or from Holmlia(together with two men who looked like bodyguards) and he was wearing his usual hat and towel + a black jacket and pants. The bodyguards stood very close to him, as to protect him from being spotted. I opened my car window and shoutet “Hi Michael” and he quickly turned his head towards me and then hid his face. I was too shocked to manage to take a picture with my cellphone – but I am positive this was Michael!!!!!                                          T.F.G.     Thursday, September 3, 2009 9:32 PM  

"I talk to him everyday"  says Michael Jackson's longtime friend Cassandra Gretchen-Sims in an interview with Your World Report tabloid.   “‘Tell them I had to do it. I had no choice. If I had tried to do the London shows we had scheduled, I would have died for real. I thank God for helping me see the light. I will see you all next June on my world tour – the greatest tour the world has ever seen, bigger than Thriller, bigger than the Beatles and the Rolling Stones combined.’  “He told me to ‘tell everyone, tell all my fans’ that the stories of his drug abuse and addiction ’sadly, are true. But I’m not dead. I’m getting stronger and drugs are behind me. I’ll never take another drug, not even an aspirin. Tell my fans I’m sorry for putting them through so much sadness and turmoil.  “He is monitoring the Internet and he really enjoys all the messages from his fans. He said they ‘give me strength and fill me with love. Tell them that all the love they send to me I send right back. I love my fans!’”                                                                                                                              Paris France 9/12/09


According to  Meredith Moraven,  a Swiss reporter there are reported  Michael Jackson healings  in Budapest, Prague and Rome.  “I have spoken with two families of three who are claiming that Micheal’s ‘ghost’ – or his ‘angel’ – appeared at the bedsides of their children late at night and healed them of cancers, as one parent describes it, ‘With love and a touch.’  “I have confirmation in one instance from a doctor who says that he didn’t see Jackson but is willing to sign an affadavit saying that an 11-year-old boy he didn’t expect to live more than a day or two is now recovering at home with no sign or symptom of the leukemia that was killing him, thanks, according to his mother, to Michael Jackson’s angel appearing at his bedside.’   from Your World Report  

 I going into the post office which is inside the Costcutters shop, in Layton, Blackpool, UK. A big limo pulled up (black with dark windows) and a big burly security looking guy got out and went in before me. He was at the counter in front of me and he spoke with an American/South African accent. He was trying to mail a letter to the USA. The counter lady asked for the zip code to add (it was a recorded delivery letter) and the guy didn't know. So he was on his cellphone asking someone about it. Within a minute or so, a guy the build of MJ came in with another security looking guy. The stranger was wearing a big black fedora type hat, dark sunglasses and a little black mask over his mouth and nose.
He gave the Zip code which I can't recall, but I noticed the letter was addressed somewhere in Indianapolis, USA. This whole incident caused such a scene as we don't see things like this often in our neck of the woods. A little crowd of people gathered round and someone went to take a photo with their cellphone. One of thee security men took the phone and practically tore it in half, giving the guy a small handful of British currency. This caused more excitement, and more people gathered around from outside the shop. Another security man appeared and they ushered the 'stranger' out of the shop towards the car. As he passed me,   I looked straight into his eyes and I absolutely knew, it was Michael Jackson.

I can't expalin totally why, some things you just know from instinct and a special place inside you.  I feel almost stupid, because the first thing I could think of saying was "You are not alone"  and the 'stranger' leaned towards my ear and whispered "I am here with you" quick as a flash. I know inside me without doubt, this was Michael Jackson.  Someone behind me said "He looks like Michael Jackson"  at which the  stranger was ushered faster into the car  and they drove off quite fast.  To explain, I am not an MJ

obsessive. I am a respectable, middle aged guy who although I love his music and have had it in my life since I was a kid myself, I'm not a fanatic for MJ. I run a small business and was in the army Royal Military Police for 12 years, so observation is a good skill I developed. Why would he be here in Blackpool UK? the simple answer is why not? There is a large award winning zoo and animal centre here which is small enough not to attract too big a crowd, yet large enough to be on your own and not be too obvious to people. Just a thought.                   email received Wed Oct 28 from  Blackpoolrock         After this experience,         

     I know 100% in myself that MJ is still alive and that it was him.

recently i read that michael was house hunting in ireland and mainly in a hide away counties of wicklow and cork!
and suposidly he has been spotted in Dublin Airport with two men and a woman!

michael has always had a facination with ireland and mythology!

the king is here!
    BD   Wednesday, July 1, 2009 12:15 PM  

                                      It was Him,  in Norway

Ok..im like freaking out..i think i saw michael jackson in norway...i just found this sight but over the summer i was in norway on vacation (thats where im from, but i live in usa) and it was like August 16th i think...and i was walking past a port in oslo and by the edge of the lake there was a bunch of like fishermen and stuff...then i see this tall skinny man with a pale face and i joked with my sis that it was mike even though we both knew he was dead..then as we got closer he half turned around quickly and i got a glimpse at his face and it was him..it had to be him...i didnt have a camera on me but i know it was him..we was wearing a white shirt and black pants...                             JJS   ...        Tue, September 22, 2009 3:41:08 PM