I speak to him every day

dear michael jackson sighting club  i know you dont know me and will ofcourse not even bother to look at this message or consider beliving it but i would like to tell you a few things i checked out your website and it is very true somthings are a bit of rumours and some are not i want to know who  is the owner of this site please.(you can contact me at  XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
and of course who i am ,i am  a close friend of michael jacksons eldest sons girlfriend i talk to her everyday she always has told me to belive her  that michael is alive she says she speaks to him everyday so i told her i would also like to see for myself if she just lost her mind or is telling the truth i cant  say the name of the hospital and what exactly happened on the 14th of april last month but i met him he is extreamly sick  fighting his trmendous drug addition had a seizure  2 to 3 weeks back and was just released from the hospital  on  wednesday he is suffering from a disease called epilipsey which causes continous seizures of any kind .....i am not in a position to reveal any more info . but i'd like to end this message by saying all of you are doing a GREAT job please michael jackson would like more fans to find out the truth and with love in m y heart please do belive me  because i see him everyday and my heart is broken that his fans still cry and go through so much pain  although he is alive.
love your friend mel.....


We Responded ;

"Thank you so much for your email.   I want to post it on the site and share it with Michael Jackson fans worldwide (of course we will protect your privacy and not include your name or email address)   This is the news everyone's been waiting for, and joy will fill the hearts of many sad fans everywhere .   Is there any chance you could snap a picture of Michael and send it to us.  This would truly convert the non-believers .   I believe your simple email will send a ripple of positive and healing energy throughout the world.    Thank you so much for sharing."

           Michael Jackson Sightings   Wed, June 9, 2010 11:27:19 AM

well my dear friend i would very much like it if you would put this on the site ,michael is sitting next to me as i write this message so he has no objection ....
your friend who loves you, with michael in my heart.
i want you to post this on the site as "i am alive and here forever "as heading.......no name or info of mine should reach ....

                                                         email received Wed, June 9, 2010 6:12:47 AM



                                   IM HERE TO LET EVERYONE KNOW
                             THAT MICHAEL JACKSON IS   SURELY  NOT DEAD!             

"i'm deeply sorry to my fans. I know i've done wrong, and i'm never going to do this again. But i was so tired of the MEDIA always following me around, and i could never hide anywhere. I just want to be a normal person, for once.I dont want to quit singing, or dancing but i know that i can never be normal until i do. I just would like to say, im sorry to my fans, all of them. To those at my concerts, or not. To those who love me without seeing the truth, or not. Also i have 'thrown' out my medication and will never see or go near none-the-less touch any more medication again. I'm sorry."


email recieved   Tue, November 24, 2009 5:30:41 PM 

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It was DEFINITELY him !!!!!!

I'm actually shaking right now because I have just seen Michael Jackson alive. Man I'm so angry I left my camera in the car. I'm currently in an internet cafe near a small harbour town called Port Saeed just east of Deira, UAE. I just told my friend on Facebook and she linked me to this website. It was DEFINITELY him. I saw him from about 20 metres away stepping off a small tug boat. His face had a scarf or something draped over it, but he lifted it up to step off the boat and IT WAS DEFINITELY HIM. There was a middle aged, local looking woman and 2 big guys with him. The guys were both dark skinned but I'm not sure if they were local. They all jogged towards a beat up car, possibly a taxi, parked by the dock and they were out of there within seconds. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE. I am going crazy right now and the people around me think I'm some kind of lunatic for how I rushed in here yelping and flailing.   THE KING IS ALIVE     
                                                                               - D S
( email received July 6, 2009 )


I've looked for some place where I can tell what I saw. I'm in the U.S Air Force. I was on leave back home in Miami, Fl. On Sept 30 I was in the Miami Airport getting ready to fly back to Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia where I'm stationed. I was standing around replying to a text message. When this group on men came storming through. I didn't know what was going on I started running towards them and I could see a man in the middle of the crowd with a white fedora, a black satin surgical mask  Michael Jackson. People were yelling Michael. And I started yelling Michael, Michael as well. I heard some lady say Oh My God he is alive. They were darting through they went outside. I had tears in my eyes because I knew it was him. I'm a huge fan and I would never make this up and give false hope to anyone. Please believe me I saw Michael Jackson.
                                                email recieved
Tuesday, October 6, 2009 10:02:08 AM from Marie 

   Policeman Sees Michael In UK    

I going into the post office which is inside the Costcutters shop, in Layton, Blackpool, UK. A big limo pulled up (black with dark windows) and a big burly security looking guy got out and went in before me. He was at the counter in front of me and he spoke with an American/South African accent. He was trying to mail a letter to the USA. The counter lady asked for the zip code to add (it was a recorded delivery letter) and the guy didn't know. So he was on his cellphone asking someone about it. Within a minute or so, a guy the build of MJ came in with another security ltle black mask over his mouth and nose.
ooking guy. The stranger was wearing a big black fedora type hat, dark sunglasses and a lit
He gave the Zip code which I can't recall, but I noticed the letter was addressed somewhere in Indianapolis, USA. This whole incident caused such a scene as we don't see things like this often in our neck of the woods. A little crowd of people gathered round and someone went to take a photo with their cellphone. One of thee security men took the phone and practically tore it in half, giving the guy a small handful of British currency. This caused more excitement, and more people gathered around from outside the shop. Another security man appeared and they ushered the 'stranger' out of the shop towards the car. As he passed me, I looked straight into his eyes and I absolutely knew, it was Michael Jackson. I can't expalin totally why, some things you just know from instinct and a special place inside you.

I feel almost stupid, because the first thing I could think of saying was "You are not alone" and the 'stranger' leaned towards my ear and whispered "I am here with you" quick as a flash. I know inside me without doubt, this was Michael Jackson. Someone behind me said "He looks like Michael Jackson" at which the stranger was ushered faster into the car and they drove off quite fast.

T|o explain, I am not an MJ obsessive. I am a respectable, middle aged guy who although I love his music and have had it in my life since I was a kid myself, I'm not a fanatic for MJ. I run a small business and was in the army Royal Military Police for 12 years, so observation is a good skill I developed.

Why would he be here in Blackpool UK? the simple answer is why not? There is a large award winning zoo and animal centre here which is small enough not to attract too big a crowd, yet large enough to be on your own and not be too obvious to people. Just a thought.

After this experience, I know 100% in myself that MJ is still alive and that it was him.

                                                                                   email received Wed Oct 28 from  Blackpoolrock

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it was in a remote place in new jersey, called MOUNT OLIVE!! it was in a restuarant called the Budd Lake Diner.  He was siting with 3 other people he was sitting at the far end.  Each were pretty big so im guessin it was his body guards.  he had something covering his face but i was able to get acouple of good looks at him and im sure of it, IT WAS MICHAEL JACKSON!!! its sounds untrue but im sure of it i know michael jackson he was my biggest idol.  PLEASE PLEASE BELIVE ME! i tried to take pictures but i dropped my camara because i was so excited.                                                 JB   Friday, July 3, 2009 12:42 AM


                           "He was saying goodbyes the week before passing. 

Everyone was creeped out by it."  "He was overly religious, overly dramatic, exhausting and exhausted." This comes from The Sun UK article on Jason Pfeiffer, who worked at Michael Jackson's dermatologist's office and was in close contact with Michael during the last two weeks of his life.  Jason goes on to say  "Michael got very retrospective in the last few weeks, he was talking about God and the Mayan calendar and the year 2012 - which is when the Mayan calendar ends."                                                                        -  M.L. (email received Aug 26,2009)


I talk to him everyday, says Michael Jackson's longtime friend Cassandra Gretchen-Sims in an interview with Your World Report tabloid.   “‘Tell them I had to do it. I had no choice. If I had tried to do the London shows we had scheduled, I would have died for real. I thank God for helping me see the light. I will see you all next June on my world tour – the greatest tour the world has ever seen, bigger than Thriller, bigger than the Beatles and the Rolling Stones combined.’  “He told me to ‘tell everyone, tell all my fans’ that the stories of his drug abuse and addiction ’sadly, are true. But I’m not dead. I’m getting stronger and drugs are behind me. I’ll never take another drug, not even an aspirin. Tell my fans I’m sorry for putting them through so much sadness and turmoil.  “He is monitoring the Internet and he really enjoys all the messages from his fans. He said they ‘give me strength and fill me with love. Tell them that all the love they send to me I send right back. I love my fans!’”                                          Paris France 9/12/09 

                                The man was Michael Jackson!

I was in Dubai visiting my relatives. I was staying at the Hilton, I was staying on the fourth floor. I was leaving the hotel to meet for dinner with my family, when i called the elevator to the fourth floor when a man walked out of the elevator dressed in a black leather jacket. I noticed he was very pale and strange looking so I wondered to myself if this man had an illness because of the scarf he was wearing around his face. So i walked past him into the elevator and as the door was shutting, I watched him take off his scarf, looking around thinking that nobody had noticed. The man was Michael Jackson! I kept pressing the fourth floor button to go back up and see his room number but it was to late. Once i was home that night i returned to my floor and knocked on Michael Jacksons door, but nobody came to the door. I know for a fact that this was Michael Jackson, the man everyone thought was dead, but guess what there now is no doubt in my mind the king of pop is still alive!
T.L.  July 31 2009  Eyewitness Account !!!!!!
                                                    I saw Michael Jackson

Hi, I saw Michael Jackson yesterday at Manchester (UK) Airport waiting for a flight to Dubai. I am sure it was him, he was very thin, his face was covered by a veil, and he had the same soft voice. He was reading a paper about his own disappearance! I was shocked to see he had no security with him, just 1 small bag, and when I turned to my partner and said 'that looks just like Michael Jackson!' the man walked off at a quick pace into the loos and my partner said I was a nutter. When we were leaving I heard a man say to his wife that he's seen Michael Jackson's double!!!

                                                        Michael's daughter ??

This isn't really a sighting, but I'm pretty sure this dancer in LA is Michael's daughter.  Friends of mine have seen them together and although she's secretive about it, friends have seen pictures of them together, mail from the Jackson's and limo's would pick her up all the time.  She goes by Vanessa M.  Has anyone else  mentioned this ?  

I saw Michael in Norway

I am sure I saw Michael – I live not far from where Omar Bhatti’s family live (Holmlia in Oslo, Norway) and today when I drove past the railway station at Hauketo ( nor far away) I saw a man who had to be Michael – he was waiting for the local train (not sure which direction – to or from Holmlia(together with two men who looked like bodyguards) and he was wearing his usual hat and towel + a black jacket and pants. The bodyguards stood very close to him, as to protect him from being spotted. I opened my car window and shoutet “Hi Michael” and he quickly turned his head towards me and then hid his face. I was too shocked to manage to take a picture with my cellphone – but I am positive this was Michael!!!!!                                          T.F.G.     Thursday, September 3, 2009 9:32 PM


I saw Michael Jackson being ushered from a bathroom “closed for cleaning” in the Las Vegas airport. It was fast & quick as 4 burly guys ushered him into a security door heading to the runway. We watched out the window as he was being escorted to a private plane. Everyone was talking about it.


There have been several sightings of Michael Jackson in the South Island of New Zealand. This is a remote area of the country and there was a plane mysteriously landing at a local airport named Queenstown, before a helicopter then left after some people had moved from the plane. There were up to five officers in black uniform with several people walking in between them. They were about 100m away and one of the helicopter pilots wifes was talking to a friend who told me she said 'they had a vital job that day but could not tell who is was or what for'. The crucial piece of evidence is a photo.

Do you think this will jepordize his privacy?                                                                                                  J.B. 



                                                        IT WAS HIM!!!

It is true! I couldnt beleive it, but I saw him. I live in Valdes, Mexico, a very small town two hours from the USA fronteir. He had a big black hat (bigger than usual) and was buying some fruits in the local market and entered an old brown renault car. Then he fled before I could take a picture with my cell phone. He's probably hidding in some of the cottages around these towns. The lady who sold the fruits said his face was pale and his voice soft.
  A G    Thursday, August 6, 2009 3:18 AM


greg  Sunday, August 30, 2009 5:10 AM
i am so scared that i am going crazy, everyone thinks i am lying but i saw michael, he was here in regional
southern australia two days ago, i didn't know who to tell but my uncle told me about this site, i swear to god that i saw him, i was walking out from a gully where i had been fishing, and he was there hopping out of a car beside the road, he had two coulered body guards and a 9 year old boy with him, i nearly fainted in surprise, but what happned next was what surprised me the most he actually asked me to come and talk to him, it was so surreal, he told me that it was a mistake staging his death and he was trying to find a small town in australia to build a hideout, he was looking at sale, morwell and trafalgar in regional victoria as possible places to build his permanent hideout, he also mentioned making a bunker system in the nearby strzlecki ranges, to contain his hideout, he said the reason he staged his death was because he wass sick of being judged by all the people who hate him and he wanted to get out of society, he also tolld me that he wanted to apologise to his true fans for this stunt, after this i started to get cheast pains because my heart was beating so fast, i ran home and didn't know what to do, so i wrote to you i hope you his "true" fans dont think i am crazy as well, i just want everybody to know, the king of pop is still alive.


I'm not sure, but I think I saw Michael in

I was in the "Phantasialand" Theme-Park near Cologne with my kids
yesterday, and I saw a man there who looked like Michael there. He wore a
black baseball-cap, a black leather jacket and jeans and had a scarf
around his lower face.

My son (8 yrs old) who was with me is absolutely convinced, that the man
was actually the real Michael Jackson.

The man we saw was very thin and about 1,80m (5 feet 9) tall a little less
maybe. But he had shoes with high soles. So I can't tell exactly.

He went to a Rollercoaster named "Black Mamba", where he entered in the
quick-pass line (Those passes are expensive but you don't have to queue in
the long line. Normally VIP's have them.) I tried to take a pic, but I
wasn't fast enough geting my cam from the rucksack. Then we lost sight of

As I said before, I'm not absolutely sure. He might have been Michael, he
might have been just another look-alike.

Whoa. So scary.
Astrid  July 8 2009

first off let me say I do not believe Michael Jackson's either dead or alive, I reserve the right to come to a final believe once this story unfolds so right now I'm just a long-time fan half-devastated/half-thrilled at the thought he might still be alive...

Anyway, here's what I came across while surfing the web for info on the possibility of Jacko faking his death:

1. Jackson presumably died on June 25th 2009 right?

2. He liked Elvis and often got quoted in comparing his live with that of the "King of Rock'n Roll", right? (not to mention he married Lisa Marie)

3.On multiple occasions Michael talked about his death and that he didn't wnat to end up like Elvis, or that he feared ending up like him, right?

Now please read this: (the excerpt of interest I screen-captured and attached to this email)

In this article there's a line where it says: in a June 25th 1979 People Magazine Interview, country singer Merle Haggard voiced his opinion that Elvis death could have been a hoax 

Now IS THIS COINCIDENCE?????? June 25th 1979 and June 25th 2009???? Come on, I find it hard to believe that Jackson would die exactly, exactly 30 years later then this comment was made on Elvis' death, but please draw your own conclusions!

best regards and I hope I was able to provide some new clues to solve the mystery!

-a big time jackson fan

 I talked with Michael the whole day

I know, things are crazy, world is crazy, many things many people can't believe, but I met Michael Jackson yesterday.
I was visiting my parents living 60 km away from cologne (germany).

I was walking with their neighbours dog through the woods and I saw from behind,
 suddenly someone who looked from the first view  like micheal jackson.

I moved faster and when I got closer I said hallo...there was no response...so I tried in english...hi....sorry... I said.

The guy turned around and I couldn't believe my eyes, it was Michael.

My life changed now,I dont have much time now.

I talked with Michael the whole day; we went to a small wood house near a wood
 where he had bought this little house some years ago.

We talked the whole day, then I had to go.

We spoke the same language and we somehow were connected so we decided to
 see again on monday.

I am very happy to met him and I am even more happy that he is alive and feeling fine.

By the way, his children are well informed that he is alive.

I won't make any pictures but if you like I will keep you informed.

Bye                                                                                                                                                    M.M.   7/10/09


                  it WAS, with no qualm or doubt, Michael Jackson

I am so sure, so certain, that I have seen Michael Jackson today. I was in Sydney (tourist mecca of Australia) and just walking down the streets. A man was coming towards me; he had a baseball cap on, and a black scarf around the lower part of his face, and a big coat on. I thought it might just be someone paying their respects to Jackson. The man turned down an alleyway and I passed it a few seconds later and literally froze in shock when I looked down the alley. The man had taken off his baseball cap and scarf and it WAS, with no qualm or doubt, Michael Jackson, I knew it straight away. I stood looking in surprise for a few seconds, before reaching into my bag and getting my camera out. Just as I was about to snap a shot, a big burly african-american man bumped into me and I was pushed out of the way of the shot. It could have been an accident, but where I was standing in the mouth of the alleyway was quite far from the footpath behind me, so I think the african-american man was one of Jacksons bodyguards and in fact, he went into the alleyway without offering an apology. I looked around the alley and saw Jackson and the african-american man (the guard, definately) walk to end of the alleyway which opened into another street and get into a non-descript black car and drive off.
It was the most surreal moment of my life and I can now say for sure the King of Pop Lives.
July 16, 2009

On August 30 he was in Mexico a few minutes drive from Valdes, was staying at a nearby hotel vades and then decided to go for a walk for a while and therefore left without camera, derrepente see that some people pointed out a man and started saying "Is Michael Jackson?" and turn his eyes and saw about 3 people of high stature and robust protecting the man who had just pointed out, will have been his bodyguards running frantically to see who was actually before the man embaruqe in a car, will succeed him. .... AND WAS MICHAEL JACKSON, I swear on my life that I saw THE FACE AND WAS MICHAEL JACKSON WAS WITH A HAT AND DRESS ALL IN BLACK BUT HIS HAIR LOOSE.
Perhaps many think I'm lying, but I swear I saw with my own eyes, unfortunately did not take my camera as I could not take any pictures. Then they embarked on a car to an unknown destination.
I am happy because until now, likened to Michael Jackson had died, but now I can assure you from my own experience MICHAEL JACKSON IS ALIVE!        L.M. 

                                  everyone there is talking about MJ being alive

Ok, i havnt seen MJ but i do have an uncle that works and lives in Abu Dhabi in UAE.  and he is telling me that everyone there is talking about MJ being alive and is actually living there.  It would make sense to me because the U.K newspaper telegraph have reported in the past that MJ actually converted to Islam with the help of his brother Tito. and here is the link http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/celebritynews/3494296/Michael-Jackson-converts-to-Islam-and-changes-name-to-Mikaeel.html  and doesnt it seem odd to you that some of Michael's closest friends such as Diana Ross, Liz Taylor , McCully Culkin and Oprah did not attend his memorial!! and why havnt they burried "the body"?     July 17 2009

  thanks to all the viewers who researched the London sighting and determined it to be a fake , we keep it below for reference purposes 

August 4, 2009
I was with my friends, the FREAKYFEST organisers, at Sonisphere, Knebworth, UK over the weekend.
At the time, I was stood a little too far back to notice with my own eyes. I zoomed right in with my camera and took this photo. I only realised afterwards - it looked like the man himself! The band on stage at the time was rock band SOIL. He never showed his full face for the whole set! This is just too uncanny. 
The FREAKYFEST guys pointed it out to me afterwards. We are all MASSIVE  MJ fans. . . especially our friend, Muddy (a.k.a Tim). He listens to him everyday, he has a copy of this photo on his bedroom wall now, he was so devasted when he "died". He has even set up a tribute day in work, where they dress up and play MJ songs all day :)
                                                     L.C. England

                                                            I saw him

It is true! I couldnt beleive it, but I saw him. I live in Valdes, Mexico, a very small town two hours from the USA fronteir. He had a big black hat (bigger than usual) and was buying some fruits in the local market and entered an old brown renault car. Then he fled before I could take a picture with my cell phone. He's probably hidding in some of the cottages around these towns. The lady who sold the fruits said his face was pale and his voice soft. IT WAS HIM!!!
Albeiro    August 6,2009


(email recieved August 9, 2009)

I'm going into a toy store in London on Camberwell Rd on the afternoon of August 8th 2009 and a small crowd has gathered outside applauding and cheering. Out of the store comes some men escorting a man that looks exactly like Michael Jackson. I take the picture I am attaching to this email. As he walks past me I said, "Michael Jackson I though you were dead?" He said, "No I'm alive I'll be back soon" and with that he got into a black SUV with the men who were escorting him and they drove off. The crowd were all screaming out his name in excitement. When I walk into the store I ask one of the employees, who was beaming with shock, "do his kids know he's alive?" She said that's the same thing she asked him and he told her they do know. She asked him why did he fake his death and he said "I want to teach the media a lesson". She also asked him who was in the coffin during the private viewing and he said it was a foam latex dummy molded from his own face and hands. Her co-worker asked why did he not do the O2 concerts and Michael said everyone will soon know why and it will all make sense. Everyone I've kept in touch with who witnessed this incredible event has been ignored by the British and American press.                Bob

This picture came with the London e-mail.

Viewers spotted this as an older pic of Michael which took all credibility out of Bob's story,
If you have any information about a Michael sighting in London please contact us 

           email us