I was in the "Phantasialand" Theme-Park near Cologne with my kids
yesterday, and I saw a man there who looked like Michael there. He wore a
black baseball-cap, a black leather jacket and jeans and had a scarf
around his lower face.

My son (8 yrs old) who was with me is absolutely convinced, that the man
was actually the real Michael Jackson.

The man we saw was very thin and about 1,80m (5 feet 9) tall a little less
maybe. But he had shoes with high soles. So I can't tell exactly.

He went to a Rollercoaster named "Black Mamba", where he entered in the
quick-pass line (Those passes are expensive but you don't have to queue in
the long line. Normally VIP's have them.) I tried to take a pic, but I
wasn't fast enough geting my cam from the rucksack. Then we lost sight of

As I said before, I'm not absolutely sure. He might have been Michael, he
might have been just another look-alike.

I know, things are crazy, world is crazy, many things many people can't believe, but I met
Michael Jackson yesterday.
I was visiting my parents living 60 km away from cologne (germany).

I was walking with their neighbours dog through the woods and I saw from behind,
 suddenly someone who looked from the first view  like micheal jackson.

I moved faster and when I got closer I said hallo...there was no response...so I tried in english...hi....sorry... I said.

The guy turned around and I couldn't believe my eyes, it was Michael.

My life changed now,I dont have much time now.

I talked with Michael the whole day; we went to a small wood house near a wood
 where he had bought this little house some years ago.

We talked the whole day, then I had to go.

We spoke the same language and we somehow were connected so we decided to
 see again on monday.

I am very happy to met him and I am even more happy that he is alive and feeling fine.

By the way, his children are well informed that he is alive.

I won't make any pictures but if you like I will keep you informed.

Bye                                                                                                                                                    M.M.   7/10/09