greg  Sunday, August 30, 2009 5:10 AM
i am so scared that i am going crazy, everyone thinks i am lying but i saw michael, he was here in regional
southern australia two days ago, i didn't know who to tell but my uncle told me about this site, i swear to god that i saw him, i was walking out from a gully where i had been fishing, and he was there hopping out of a car beside the road, he had two coulered body guards and a 9 year old boy with him, i nearly fainted in surprise, but what happned next was what surprised me the most he actually asked me to come and talk to him, it was so surreal, he told me that it was a mistake staging his death and he was trying to find a small town in australia to build a hideout, he was looking at sale, morwell and trafalgar in regional victoria as possible places to build his permanent hideout, he also mentioned making a bunker system in the nearby strzlecki ranges, to contain his hideout, he said the reason he staged his death was because he wass sick of being judged by all the people who hate him and he wanted to get out of society, he also tolld me that he wanted to apologise to his true fans for this stunt, after this i started to get cheast pains because my heart was beating so fast, i ran home and didn't know what to do, so i wrote to you i hope you his "true" fans dont think i am crazy as well, i just want everybody to know, the king of pop is still alive.

                                             email received from greg  Sunday, August 30, 2009 5:10 AM 

  MICHAEL SEEN IN SPAIN             

Hi, I'm a guy from Spain, i need talking something here since nobody believes me. About 3 weeks ago I went to a gas station to buy coca cola, as he opened the room for drinks, I turn for a moment and there it was, Michael Jackson !!!!, I swear by my life it he saw British magazines, wore a great black baseball cap, short hair and a thin beard false.Por much to conceal, is unmistakable. When it he realized my amazement, he go the toilet was running. He was with two boys of color, not attract attention because of bodyguards were very normal, they were dressed in shorts and shirt. One of them realized what I had discovered and came towards me, I got very educated and I was getting the gas station saying please do not scandal, I left without paying two cocacola. I was in deep shock, I got to the car and wait paragraph, to a little black car is not very luxurious with dark glasses and walked out the registration strange exit opposite to the track several cars away and saw that he got himself into a large garage target 10 kilometers from the gas station, in a luxurious development.   I swear by my life that was well after the shock felt immense relief to know that he was alive, but then I regretted having gone to so easily tell anything without at least that her secret was safe with me, let me know, etc ... I've placed messages on their official website and recalling the incident with my email if you read it to contact me, I do not want money, just like it and can help. That same week, his brother Tito Jackson was 40 km from here giving his first interview in Spain. Television stations are more important in the capital, but did not move up there and wanted them all here and half had to go where he was because he was not moving, it gives me to think that everything is related, because both coincidence.  I'm going crazy with this issue, I have no words to explain what I feel, a total impotence!!!!
Tuesday, August 18, 2009 2:41 PM  

              I saw Michael Jackson at the BET Awards !!!!!!

I saw earlier on this site that someone else else seen MJ on the BET awards, they just showed a rerun of the BET awards showed on 8/29/2009 from 11:00 PM to 2:30 AM. My Husband and myself watched from 11:00 PM through to 2:07 PM when we spotted him wearing the same black baseball cap, and red dress shirt and black tie. In the sceen we caught him in, he was sitting beside Joe Jackson, and Rev. Al Sharpton! Smiling as Beyonce passed him to head to the stage! This is with out a doubt Michael Jackson, and the black baseball cap associates with other sightings i have recently read up on this site as well!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! THE KING OF POP TRULY LIVES!!! If you still don't believe, catch a rerun of the BET awards towards the end when beyonce heads to the stage!! She passes right by him!! well.. I hope to have helped a bit to confirm sightings at the BET awards!! I LOVE YOU MJ..
                                                                                                                   D.F    Sunday, August 30, 2009 6:17 AM







Michael Jackson At BET Awards ??


     August 29, 2009 3:39 AM

my name is peter and i got some hard evidence that the king of pop is alive and well . i just came across this picture on the internet it show hard evidence that Michael Jackson is alive and well look at the man behind Joe Jackson isn't it wired that he has the same nose and the curly long hair that he had back in the 90s it looks like Michael has been using professional latex prosthetic makeup to disguise himself he looks really familiar and all so wearing a trucker cap as well and plus that nose and chin is a dead giveaway

see the photos urself and u be the judge


I wanted to inform you that the coroner
van video is not fake it clearly shows
 Michael Jackson getting out. You see
the making of the coroners van video
shows puddles on the ground when the
real video came out it had not rained in
the days before or after so the answer
is that the video does show Michael
Jackson alive getting out of the
coroners van thank you.
      Sincerely K    Dec. 9, 2009

This video shows that Michael was still alive after his dead body was transported to the Los Angeles Dept. of Coroner I checked the license plate number and it looks like the King of Pop is jumping out of the same van, his dead body has been in. I got the original video tape from a trustworthy source. I know him for years. And I am sure it´s real and Michael is alive.  J.S.Tuesday, August 25, 2009 3:58 


Michael Moves Again in Helicopter


The helicopter video gains a whole new credibility after having seen Michael jump  out of the coroner's van.  Tne movement   seems real and the man seems alive !!!!

If you have any more  information  please

                   contact us

You will find new sightings of Michael on every page of the site.  These all come from people who took the time to e-mail us.

On August 30 he was in Mexico a few minutes drive from Valdes, was staying at a nearby hotel vades and then decided to go for a walk for a while and therefore left without camera, derrepente see that some people pointed out a man and started saying "Is Michael Jackson?" and turn his eyes and saw about 3 people of high stature and robust protecting the man who had just pointed out, will have been his bodyguards running frantically to see who was actually before the man embaruqe in a car, will succeed him. .... AND WAS MICHAEL JACKSON, I swear on my life that I saw THE FACE AND WAS MICHAEL JACKSON WAS WITH A HAT AND DRESS ALL IN BLACK BUT HIS HAIR LOOSE.
Perhaps many think I'm lying, but I swear I saw with my own eyes, unfortunately did not take my camera as I could not take any pictures. Then they embarked on a car to an unknown destination.
I am happy because until now, likened to Michael Jackson had died, but now I can assure you from my own experience MICHAEL JACKSON IS ALIVE!        L.M.  

Michael Jackson may be alive !!!!! The Photo below sas taken June 27, 2009.  There have been sightings ,  and pictures.  People have e-mailed us some amazing stuff .  If you have any further information about Michael in Spain please click here .

                                                     Michael Jackson Seen in Dubai  !!!!!!

I was in Dubai visiting my relatives. I was staying at the Hilton, I was staying on the fourth floor. I was leaving the hotel to meet for dinner with my family, when i called the elevator to the fourth floor when a man walked out of the elevator dressed in a black leather jacket. I noticed he was very pale and strange looking so I wondered to myself if this man had an illness because of the scarf he was wearing around his face. So i walked past him into
the elevator and as the door was shutting, I watched him take off his scarf, looking around thinking that nobody had noticed. I kept pressing the fourth floor button to go back up and see his room number but it was to late. Once i was home that night i returned to my floor and knocked on Michael Jacksons door, but nobody came to the door. I know for a fact that this was Michael Jackson, the man everyone thought was dead, but guess what there now is no doubt in my mind the king of pop is still alive!
                                                                                  email received from  T.L.  July 31 2009 

But think about it.  Doesn't it make sense that the King of Pop would fake his death at this point in his life ?  Being forced out of seculsion to pay off huge debts,  Being "owned"  by powerfull forces he needed to escape from , yes ..... 

Send a Message to Michael



These photos arrived 7/22/09 via email from Zazas showing that Michael was definately using a double 

   Michael Jackson was not 

recognized by paramedics   

there in the front row at the memorial sits Michael Jackson's love child .  DNA testing is in progress to prove this is Michael's real son  !!!!   We're betting he knows much more about his father's where-a-bouts than anyone else alive, (except maybe  Vanessa M.)  You might notice another person in the front row on our More Photos page ......

                                                                      the plot thickens



I'm actually shaking right now because I have just seen Michael Jackson alive. Man I'm so angry I left my camera in the car. I'm currently in an internet cafe near a small harbour town called Port Saeed just east of Deira, UAE. I just told my friend on Facebook and she linked me to this website. It was DEFINITELY him. I saw him from about 20 metres away stepping off a small tug boat. His face had a scarf or something draped over it, but he lifted it up to step off the boat and IT WAS DEFINITELY HIM. There was a middle aged, local looking woman and 2 big guys with him. The guys were both dark skinned but I'm not sure if they were local. They all jogged towards a beat up car, possibly a taxi, parked by the dock and they were out of there within seconds. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE. I am going crazy right now and the people around me think I'm some kind of lunatic for how I rushed in here yelping and flailing. THE KING IS ALIVE !!    - D S
   ( e-mail was received July 6, 2009)


According to He.Is.Alive at MichaelJacksonDeathHoax
"The real Michael Jackson never showed up at that rehearsal the night before his “death” at Staples Center, the dark  video footage that has surfaced showing him chewing gum is NOT the real Michael Jackson, no, but instead, he sent one of his doubles to the rehearsal to just “show up” there for a few minutes. Since the video has been proven a fake by an expert and said to be photoshop “fixed”,

we have no proof whatsoever at all that the real Michael Jackson attended the rehearsal at all, but a gum chewing lookalike did instead. Hence: it is safe to assume that the real Michael Jackson made off to a waiting plane and left forevermore goodbye, in all probability so. New information of his secret “departure” from LAX in an unmarked Lear Jet has surfaced, it bears credibility and logic." 

He.Is.Alive further states, "the lookalike decoy was being readied and prepared for the “cardiac arrest” show"  "this explains why the ambulance “patient” photo does not look like nor could possibly be Michael Jackson"