It was Him,  in Norway like freaking out..i think i saw michael jackson in norway...i just found this sight but over the summer i was in norway on vacation (thats where im from, but i live in usa) and it was like August 16th i think...and i was walking past a port in oslo and by the edge of the lake there was a bunch of like fishermen and stuff...then i see this tall skinny man with a pale face and i joked with my sis that it was michael jackson even though we both knew he was dead..then as we got closer he half turned around quickly and i got a glimpse at his face and it was had to be him...i didnt have a camera on me but i know it was michael..we was wearing a white shirt and black pants...                  JJS   ...        Tue, September 22, 2009 3:41:08 PM 



  Wouldn't you go into hiding 

           if you were sure  

               you  were about to be killed ?????


Michael Jackson used a slew of aliases to score prescription meds, and we know the two names that could unlock the key to gross abuse by Jackson and some prominent doctors.

We've learned Jackson frequently used the names Omar Arnold and Jack London to get powerful drugs, including Demerol. Jackson also used the name of one of his bodyguards, as well as the name of the office manager Norma McCall for one of his doctors.

The DEA, which is joining to assist the LAPD in its investigation of several doctors who prescribed drugs to Jackson, will be hunting down these names and others.

Sources tell us the prescription abuse was so egregious, one doctor would call the pharmacy and say Jackson was coming down to get Demerol. The pharmacy would then fill the prescription, leaving the patient's name blank.

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                                I am sure it was him                            

Hi, I saw Michael Jackson yesterday at Manchester (UK) Airport waiting for a flight to Dubai. I am sure it was him, he was very thin, his face was covered by a veil, and he had the same soft voice. He was reading a paper about his own disappearance! I was shocked to see he had no security with him, just 1 small bag, and when I turned to my partner and said 'that looks just like Michael Jackson!' the man walked off at a quick pace into the loos and my partner said I was a nutter. When we were leaving I heard a man say to his wife that he's seen Michael Jackson's  Double . K.C. Tuesday, June 30, 2009                                                                                                                                                             

                     I just saw Michael !

Oh my gosh! I have no words right know. I just saw Michael! I can't believe it! I can't! I was in North Carolina, and I went into my hotel then I saw a man with bandages all over his face. I thought it was just a hobo or something, but then I realized that it was MICHAEL!!!! I couldn't believe it, the first thing that I thought about is my camera. The bad thing is that I had left it in my room. I went crying to the elevator, grabed my camera as soon as I could. When I went back to the lobby, he was gone. This just happeneed about 2 hours agoo. Im shaking rightt know sorry for my messy letter im just sooo shocked I can't think of anything. Im shocked! I can't believe it. Btw, the hotel is Sheraton Chapel Hill Hotel.
Friday, August 28, 2009 3:58 AM


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           La Toya  says    "MILLIONS are MISSING"

                  on the day of Michael's  "death"

And we don't think just one person was involved. Rather, it was a conspiracy of people.

"Michael was worth well over a billion in music publishing assets and somebody killed him for that. He was worth more dead than alive.

"He was surrounded by a bad circle. Michael was a very meek, quiet, loving person. People took advantage of that."

She added: "A couple of years ago Michael told me he was worried that people were out to get him.

"He said, 


   'They're going to kill me for my publishing.

They want my music catalogues and they're going to kill me for these.'" La Toya claimed Michael, who she last saw three weeks before his death, had wanted to quit music to make films - and only wanted to do 10 shows in London, not the 50 he was booked for.

She claimed she knew who was responsible for his death but could not name them for fear of prejudicing police inquiries. La Toya also claimed millions of dollars of cash and jewels disappeared from Jacko's house the day he died.

She revealed that, contrary to reports that he was found in bed at his rented villa, he was actually found in the bedroom of personal live-in doctor Conrad Murray, who "disappeared" when she later tried to quiz him about what had happened.

 Wouldn't you go into hiding if you were sure

     you  were about to be killed ?????

Many devoted fans watching world tour announcement and other recent appearances commented that his hands, face, stature and general demeanour and mannerisms were unfamiliar (beyond any consequences of physical surgery), leading to rumours of a body double.

For a 50 year old man who has been rumoured to have suffered from Skin Cancer,  Skin Disease, a debilitating Spider Bite, requirement for a lung transplant, addiction to Vicodin, nervous exhaustion, cosmetic surgery complications, to name a few,  the prospect of a strenuous world tour would be a virtual impossibility.

Music  journalists reported on sky news on the night of the announcement of his death that Michael Jackson was only contracted to perform for a few minutes on stage for each of the tour dates, suggesting that a well trained “look-alike” may stand in, secretly, for the bulk of the performances.

If there are one /numerous Michael Jackson “stand-ins”, are we really sure that the real Michael Jackson has died?…Only his very close friends / family would be able to answer this and if Michael Jackson were alive but wanted to escape the relentless press / legal harassment, it would be an ideal way to “retire” with the support of those close and trusted to him…..(who could blame him!) we may never know!


                  107 Suspicious Events

here in Brazil the issue has spread enough, there's even a campaign to wait for Michael in June 2010, there is a blog that is 107 ipotesi justifying the false death, here are the theories:
1.The last one of Jackson was taken equanto he was going through the procedure of resuscitation in the ambulance that transferred the house to the hospital (UCLA). But the glass window of the ambulance are dark, possibly with film, or even painted black. How could anyone take a picture so clear through those tinted or painted, and still get the resolution drafted that observed in the image?
2.Cirurgião plastic now stands "mistakes" in the official reports of the autopsy of the body, including incorrect information about nasal prosthesis.
3.Jornal posted in English was published in January 2009 cover headline saying that Jackson's death would happen in six months.
4.Pai Michael Jackson's unknown whereabouts of the body of the singer. Despite suspecting that something criminal is involved with the death of Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson said he did not know what actually happened. He said he was unable to see or talk to your child in the days preceding the death of Michael. Michael's father has indicated that it did not start for several family activities in the weeks before the death of the singer.


5.Questiona constantly why the huge delay in releasing the results of autopsies. the final moments of MJ disappears - The images that could reveal what happened on June 25, mysteriously disappeared from the mansion of the star. According to the National Enquirer, where authorities said the Jackson family mansion was equipped with a strong security system. "There were cameras outside and inside the residence," said a source policial.Curiosamente, the images were recorded by these cameras were not found.
7.Promotor is fired after giving an interview on TV where Michael said: "I think there are many difficulties in this case."


 8.The police are completely baffled by the case. "With that deal? What I can tell you is that I do not have the answers to these questions, "said the police chief of Los Angeles to CNN.
9.Logo after the death of Janet Jackson was seen entering the mansion to Michael to accompany the service of employees of a company change. She then leaves the house a huge truck mudanças.De according to the website TMZ, the vehicle carrying personal belongings of a star destined for a warehouse still desconhecido.Tudo it done before the expertise of the LAPD.
10.The columnist Derek Clontz said they found a diary in his own hand in which Michael Jackson explains how to distort his death by heart attack. The report would have been found "between the singer's personal belongings."

11.The death certificate of Michael was improperly accessed through the system of police data so strange and hundreds of times.
12.Legalmente, the singer's body could only be in Forest Lawn cemetery. This is where the funeral took place in the presence of the family this week and is what is written on the certificate of óbito.O document records the death on June 25. He says the body is in the Forest Lawn, but only "temporarily". However, no sign of the body. It was a weekend of violence in the cemetery. (G1 - 13/07/2009)


13.Há years he had been spending long periods in Bahrain demonstrating its intention to settle in the country.
14.El would be 'great' and 'practicing' just before the "death" (see Michael Jackson Latest test).
15.A fire ambulance took almost an hour to remove the "body" of your house to the hospital, even though no more complex procedure could be done in residence (see the delay in rescue Michael Jackson).
16.The doctor it was missing for two days after the "announcement" of death. (See Doctor Michael Jackson is gone)
17.Caixão closed (or the Pope's coffin was closed all the time - see Speculation about Jackson's whereabouts remain)
18.Não is at least strange that the record has been a few hours after a field called 

? Well that's what happened. You can see here the viewer official domains of the Internet. Stranger still is that few hours after the death of this site Califórniua has already made a series of suspicious events in a well thought out.


19.Dívidas monumental (verMichael Jackson accumulated U.S. 500 million in debt).
20.Qual reason would be for the family on 13/07/2009 request removal of the crypt where would mysteriously to a basement for 'security reasons'?
21.The which justified the existence of several secret passages in Neverland? (The subject of the G1 on 05/07/2009, there were stairs that were given in rooms full of doors and passages that 'apparently' do not lead anywhere. "Michael loved secret passages. There are many here at home," says the actress led to the report. In the room of Michael, it shows another hiding place, with three locks, which indicates a secret passage.)
22.As masks, constant use, were used to prepare the look-alike who was sick and terminally ill, while Michael took care to provide a new face, to live anonymous hereafter. (see Patient: Michael Jackson is caught with deformed hands)
23.Quem called 911 was too calm. (See Connecting to 911)
24.Em August he was or will launch one song called Resurrection, and had already released an album so in the past!


25.Ninguem know where his body was taken after the memorial.
26.Os doctors do not tell the cause of death (Family and doctors do not talk about causes of death of Michael).
27 U.S. president who was a fan of the star only ruled on the fact a week later and did not attend the funeral.
28.Um physician who abandons her own career to devote himself to a single patient, just when more crucial not follow his "unique" patient to the hospital?
29.Michael used to disguise himself, lately even went to the Middle East as a woman to make purchases (see Michael - In the Middle East)

30.A delay in the autopsy report, nor in the IML River where everything works the coal ... it's so difficult to recognize an overdose?
31.Após the ceremony the family in mourning "was" celebrate "a bustling restaurant.
32.Antes him to the hospital in CNN just gave Michael dead.
33.Deixa a will in which a fund manager and managing partner. (Michael Jackson: Mother will not administer property)
34.Nos U.S. is a law that is trying to kill two or three times you can change your identity and to forge his own death.
34.Nos U.S. is a law that is trying to kill two or three times you can change your identity and to forge his own death.
35.Um large inventory of things he (MJ) was auctioned to pay debts was bought by an alleged anonymous collector. (Michael Jackson's Underpants go to auction)
36.Por someone who does not show since 2006 would have a tour scheduled, coincidentally, for about a week after his death?
37.O plan had already been mapped long, as shown in the lyrics of her song Morphine, which talks about cardio attack, morphine and the drug Demerol.
38.No emergency call at any time the name of Michael Jackson was quoted, just a "man who was ill."
39.Elizabeth Taylor, who was a close friend, said the memorial event was a "circus".
40.Um possibly empty coffin was displayed in the show's farewell news conference where the tickets were not charged, "who was wanted. No one can contest anything in court.
41.Trabalhadores the U.S. border with Mexico, says that Jackson and an unidentified man had left the country on the night of his death.

42.Seu death certificate says only that the dead is a dead black man because still undefined.
43.Produtos related to Michael Jackson shows that should occur at the O2 Arena in London, are being traded normally - even after death.
44 manager and partner are not going to the wake, even the physician is present. (Conrad Murray, MD of the star, it will go to the funeral)
45.Depois the wake, rather than take the coffin to the cemetery with him gone!
46.Na link to the emergency, the caller says that the man is lying unconscious in bed, and the doctor tried to revive him. A person trained in medicine would not know that cardiac massage should be done on a hard surface?
47.Antes to 'die', sign a contract for a series of presentations. He says he has not read the contract (?), Is committed to 50 shows, thinking they were just 10. (Michael Jackson gets annoyed with the amount of shows)
48.Michael even used fake names to get the medication that's needed. "(Michael Jackson used a false name to buy drugs)
49.Sabe that for some time now, Michael was using mannequins and even the look-pra mislead the press.
50.Antes him to the hospital the police was already there prohibiting the passage of all.
51 father, Joe Jackson, told ABC News that he suspects the circumstances surrounding the death of his son.

52.No funeral there was no registration of credentials to journalists. Michael was a public figure, all the newspapers, websites, radio stations were on the cover of "death" of him. Of course there should be the registration of the press to cover the funeral. Thus, the press had to get a ticket and stay in the middle of the audience, narrating what was happening. But no one saw, filmed, photographed, recorded nothing behind the scenes.
53.The doctor would have been little more than a week to work with Michael telling his customers that would go to a special mission (Doctor Michael Jackson stopped practice 11 days before death).
54th person who appeared at the press conference about the gigs in London it was an impostor.
55.Há time Michael Jackson had been training counterparts.
56.As scenes from the ambulance that took the singer to the hospital show a truck slower than those of gas that are touching little song. This was an ambulance?

57.Agora the IML of Los Angeles wants to see all the medical records of Michael Jackson. Now see medical and dental records before the procedure when you are in doubt as to the identification of the body.
58. "If Michael Jackson was dealing with a framework of severe pain, he could handle more morphine," says the anesthesiologist at the Hospital São Luis Daniel Oliveira. This is because the body creates mechanisms of resistance to the effects and need larger amounts to the drug to take effect.
59th friend Oprah Winfrey has not done so far any mention of minimum singer's death, arousing the curiosity of fans.
60.The fire alarm the hospital (UCLA) sounded strangely in the care of the singer and then the building had to be evacuated.


61.Os professionals who met the artist give widely conflicting medical reports on the use of drugs by MJ.
62 Mario himself knew he was not able to complete a series of 50 shows, but eventually bowed to pressure from persons who owed money. "I do not know how I will do 50 shows. I'm very nervous, "said Michael on one occasion.
63.Há conflicting reports on the occasion of death: Joe Jackson said something about him going to bed the night of 24 and not wake up. Other reports indicate that he stood up on June 25, walked to the quartdo Dr Murrays saying it was not feeling well, and then fell to the ground, and in other versions it is said that medical care was provided in the room. The brother Latoya says that Michael was found in Murray's room, not in your own room.
64th recent report that in recent years Michael was dressed as a woman in private shows that he was training to go to his wife when he was in the Middle East, where he could quietly use the burqa to hide her face.
65th AEG Live suggested that fans keep the tickets for shows in London.
66.Não was made the DNA test to confirm the identity. However, a person would have 12 plastic surgeries only situation in recent months could be civilly identified only by visual recognition?
67.Confirmadas up stories that he was cancer that would be a good time for the demise (see Michael Jackson died at the right time).
68 Staples Center, gym where the funeral was made is owned by AEG Live promoter of gigs in London.
69.The medical Conrad Murrey is not cooperating with the authorities to clarify the circumstances of his death.


 70th sister La Toya in very recent interview said that the death of Jackson it is a conspiracy. La Toya also claimed that millions of dollars in cash and jewelry disappeared from Jackson's home the day he died.
71.Sua private nurse spoke to him only five days before his "death" because he had called to tell him that he was not feeling well and needed medicines. We assume that she would immediately assist even more now on the verge of getting a great tour of 50 shows in London?
72.No his supposed last test he is using a hair style eight years ago.
73.The picture of the ambulance shows the skin tones of brown. Already a photo showing the night before his death, see the skin extremely pale.
74.A picture of the last test of Michael Jackson was grossly forged, and the remarkable editorial errors and overlap.


75.Num first time the news was that the insurance policy that the promoter of gigs Michael Jackson signed with Lloyds would not cover death by overdose. But a sudden, a week later, bingo! Now it turns out that the insurance covers the damage but of death by overdose. In spite of this sudden change of approach, Louise Shield, head of communications for Lloyd's Insurance, said that clause is "strange" and never heard of a case of insurance of a drug overdose. Louise Shield all expressed their discomfort with the case, but would not confirm or deny whether insurance covered overdose. (See AEG Live will make compensation for death of Jackson)
76.Agora beyond LaToya itself LAPD begins to give prominence to the idea of murder.
77.Grandes newspapers begin to discuss the contradictions between the testimony of people close to Jackson.
78.Surpreendentemente the doctor took an hour to call the emergency because he said he did not know the address where he was (though he had gone with his car to the house, working there full, and lived nearby).
79 author Ian Halperin, who 'curiously' wrote in December 2008 that Jackson would die in six months, that time has claimed that he was looking for a new home in England or in Berlin or in Montreal in Canada, according to of The Canadian Press. "
80.A old Elizabeth Taylor began to post on the Twitter site on Jackson. But because your Twitter account was recently opened before death and conveniently your first post mentions that Dr. Klein was a plastic surgeon MJ?
81 OF father Joe Jackson and 'pastor' Jesse Jackson are seen laughing a few moments after the death of MJ.
82 medical Arnold Klein not volunteered information to police, who had to search and seizure in his office.

 3.Irmãos Jermaine and Tito declare now that they saw the body in the coffin.
84.Na last one that appears MJ being rescued is possible to see that the endotracheal tube fixation used it is positioned incorrectly. In the picture you can see, the upper lip and even the tooth of MJ out, what would not be possible with the proper placing of the fastener. Compare the photo of MJ with the photos on Google's "fixer endotracheal thomas.
85 video of the ambulance leaving the residence also is strange because the sirens are not sounding. Usually ambulances carrying patients sounding the siren.
86.Descobre now that the singer million in resources have not declared (with care based on trust?) - See Caixa2: Michael Jackson was millions "hidden".


87th person who called 911 did not identify what is a standard procedure for the 911 operators, and another thing, the operator says, "call us back if you need more help." This is completely against the protocol the operator must stand in line until the arrival of paramedics on site, Why he does not know whether there was a doctor in the house. The operator tells strangely call back if necessary and off.
88.Em 2007 comes an announcement of E'casanova (one of the doubles more like the star) to disclose the end of his career, since q was a very serious illness, probably cancer:  Even casanova took up with pirucas smooth, pq was bald during treatment. There are suspicions that the look-sim has died, by the way, bald (also as reported q MJ was when he died). It was dark, like Michael in early career, but is marked up with the same makeup that Michael used to leave the homogeneous skin with vitiligo, and white as it was perfect.
89 newly hired medical Jackson curiously was "financially liable" as he had thousands of dollars in unpaid bills and a history of economic insolvency.
90.No end of July to interview chefs, "Jackson told me, 'I've got the bags packed and ready to go'. Two days later he was dead. "Bags made weeks before the trip?
91.São absolutely unbelievable reports that defibrillation was not applied in Michael Jackson by Conrad Murray doctor. But the subject would win 300mil per month while the trinket defibrillator costs 6mil.

Then the cardiologist did not have the little device? See more: Why Michael Jackson did not have a defibrillator at home?
92.Na house Michael had someone very sick, who needed two tanks of O2 every night now for sure this person was not him. As someone who needs as much oxygen at night, usually up the next day, without any appearance of being ill (as told in his own cook and images of the test - Michael tá them beautiful and charming, a little thin but it looks of any weak, old and sick, as they said paramedics - everybody even those who do not believe he's alive agrees that he was fine) and can dance for more than three hours without showing any lack of air ?????
93.Em 07/08/2009 the family requests an autopsy on the body THIRD !!!!. Portal Terra: Family wants more examination on the body of Michael Jackson. The article also talks about "a feminine blouse, still with the label of purchase, was found stained with blood in the closet Michael Jackson." Both are obviously suspicious and give rise to questions: - With the modern methods that are available in the country of Obama, repeating three times the same procedure? Why the concern persist? Why is there no mention in the news for carrying out DNA tests, that with the physical changes would be essential, so that the need


 for a third autopsy? Why is there a bloody shirt in the room, and why was not taken well to take?
94.Produtor Michael spoke at the memorial that would have been with him after June 26
95.Relatórios health checked with Michael Jackson by Dr. David slavit just before signing the contracts the tour simply disappeared. Slavit in his report said that the singer had a "body of astronaut" and could do quietly all 50 concerts scheduled for London. Result which left insurers stunned when Michael examination of Dr. David slavit pointed out that the singer had fully able to perform the shows.
96 reason for the withdrawal of the brain does not make sense. According to the pathologist Robin Howard, the former head of the Forensic Institute in San Diego, California, where Michael the brain scan was required because "only by making cuts in the brain would be possible to determine if Michael was suffering from a more serious type of lupus, lupus systemic. But the lupus leaves traces detectable in all organs affected. And after all the reason to subject the body to such an examination and that the disease was already attested in life.

Respected 97.Sites are reporting that Michael Jackson would have been secretly buried during a weekend. It is a total nonsense. What is the purpose of a secret burial? There is no information that any other artists have received such treatment, which is especially disrespectful of friends and admirers. It is true that we try to prevent idolatry. But Jackson is not Moses or Jesus Christ. This attitude only reinforces the view that it is all a conspiracy.  


98.Qual reason to hide the autopsy findings nearly two months after death? This type of review in a criminal investigation often does not present reasons to stay under wraps, especially when it believes this is a public person. Remember as the case of John Kennedy, he had a public autopsy, filmed, photographed and released.
99.Uma weeks before the death of Michael calls Britney and talk about retirement before the show business people to swallow.
100.Segundo the secular New York Post the coffin of Michael Jackson was empty during the ceremony at the Staples Center.
101.Há a fatal contradiction in the testimony of Jackson's doctor: he says that "around 11 hours, after a short trip to the bathroom, he saw Jackson not breathing and began trying to revive him." It turns out that an ambulance was not called until 12:21 pm and in the meantime the phone calls the doctor had nothing to do with emergency procedures, police said.
102.The curtailment of defense imposed on doctor Murray is inexplicable, even if considered a tradition of protecting individual rights in the United States. Only if the lawyer is giving the doctor access to a brief summary of the autopsy in maneuver seen as 'cheating' the coroner.
103.Não are plausible reasons for a skin, a reputation like that of Michael Jackson did not even have a photographer at the time of burial. ( "Do not try to come because they do not see a green forest of Forest Lawn," warned Sgt Tom Lorenz of the followers of the artist.)
104 broadcast signal to the TVs was abruptly cut off during the funeral, especially when it would, theoretically, greater exposure of the body.
105.a 'date of death' have been designed to cause the accident Pepsi (watershed event in the life of Jackson) fall on a date corresponding to the exact half life of Michael (verAcidente Pepsi divide 'life' of Michael in the middle ).
106.e inexplicable that Michael Jackson had a file of 600 pages in the FBI - in return for what? (For comparison, Marilyn Monroe had a stealth link, but direct, with President Kennedy at the time of the Cold War, yet his FBI file was only 97 pages)
107.Um Plastic Surgeons Michael, the famous Steven Hoefflin, publicly say that he has evidence involving a conspiracy in the case of death, including a lot of corruption in the Los Angeles Police Department in investigating the death of the singer. He complained of obstruction made in his private collection that had been elaborating on the accident happened to the star, accusing the existence of forged documents including. And finally, he complained to a retired military so that they carry out a research in the United States Congress about the corruption of the police in Jackson. Who is the military out of the picture that was convened by the surgeon?
good, i have old stuff but it is important to get to the reasoning.  I myself have my theories.
then you step.  kisses   nadia

                                                   Michael still lives.

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