Hi, I'm a guy from Spain, i need talking something here since nobody believes me. About 3 weeks ago I went to a gas station to buy coca cola, as he opened the room for drinks, I turn for a moment and there it was, Michael Jackson !!!!, I swear by my life it he saw British magazines, wore a great black baseball cap, short hair and a thin beard false.Por much to conceal, is unmistakable. When it he realized my amazement, he go the toilet was running.

He was with two boys of color, not attract attention because of bodyguards were very normal, they were dressed in shorts and shirt. One of them realized what I had discovered and came towards me, I got very educated and I was getting the gas station saying please   do not scandal, I left without paying two cocacola. I was in deep shock, I got to the car and wait paragraph, to a little black car is not very luxurious with dark glasses and walked out

  the registration strange exit opposite to the track several cars away and saw that he got himself into a large garage target 10 kilometers from the gas station, in a luxurious development.   I swear by my life that was well after the shock felt immense relief to know that he was alive, but then I regretted having gone to so easily tell anything without at least that her secret was safe with me, let me know, etc ... I've placed messages on their official website and recalling the incident with my email if you read it to contact me, I do not want money, just like it and can help. That same week, his brother Tito Jackson was 40 km from here giving his first interview in Spain. Television stations are more important in the capital, but did not move up there and wanted them all here and half had to go where he was because he was not moving, it gives me to think that everything is related, because both coincidence.  I'm going crazy with this issue, I have no words to explain what I feel, a total impotence!!!!
Tuesday, August 18, 2009 2:41 PM                  
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