it was in a remote place in new jersey, called MOUNT OLIVE!! it was in a restuarant called the Budd Lake Diner.  He was siting with 3 other people he was sitting at the far end.  Each were pretty big so im guessin it was his body guards.  he had something covering his face but i was able to get acouple of good looks at him and im sure of it, IT WAS MICHAEL JACKSON!!! its sounds untrue but im sure of it i know michael jackson he was my biggest idol.  PLEASE PLEASE BELIVE ME! i tried to take pictures but i dropped my camara because i was so excited.                                                 JB   Friday, July 3, 2009 12:42 AM


I might have seen Michael Jackson in Argos in Southend-on-Sea ,This was today at 3.30pm.                                                                                                                                                         RL    Thursday, July 2, 2009 8:50 PM   

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about the video on youtube "MJ pictures watching his dance troup rehearsal"

Monday, August 24, 2009 7:22 PM

Hi,  I watched the video "Last pictures Michael Jackson watching his dance troup rehearse" - (video below)- and found it very strange.
I also left a comment on youtube which I send you for appreciation, as it goes:
This is not Michael Jackson but a double. Pay serious attention to this video at 1:38s. You may see that the man has only (one tooth?) teeth on the upper side, the chewing gum is on the other side. I never saw Mj with chewing gum. MJ didn't wave that way. His eyes are not Michael's sweet eyes. His cheeks are not Michael's. His hands are not Michael's.
Thanks for your work Wish you the best ohnanina       Big fan of Michael Jackson


Recent appearances of Michael Jackson have prompted rumours by many fans that Michael Jackson has employed a “look-alike” body double to carry the burden of the up-coming world tour.

The shock news that pop legend Michael Jackson has suffered a fatal cardiac arrest at the age of 50 has sent his fans reeling.  The big question is, was it really Michael Jackson who died?

Many who watched the press announcement for the up-coming world tour were convinced that it was not the real Jacko…….but a body double that faced the eager press.

Many devoted fans watching world tour announcement and other recent appearances commented that his hands, face, stature and general demeanour and mannerisms were unfamiliar (beyond any consequences of physical surgery), leading to rumours of a body double.

For a 50 year old man who has been rumoured to have suffered from Skin Cancer, Skin Disease, a debilitating Spider Bite, requirement for a lung transplant, addiction to Vicodin, nervous exhaustion, cosmetic surgery complications, to name a few,  the prospect of a strenuous world tour would be a virtual impossibility.

Music journalists reported on sky news on the night of the announcement of his death that Michael Jackson was only contracted to perform for a few minutes on stage for each of the tour dates, suggesting that a well trained “look-alike” may stand in, secretly, for the bulk of the performances.

If there are one /numerous Michael Jackson “stand-ins”, are we really sure that the real Michael Jackson has died?…Only his very close friends / family would be able to answer this and if Michael Jackson were alive but wanted to escape the relentless press / legal harassment, it would be an ideal way to “retire” with the support of those close and trusted to him…..(who could blame him!) we may never know!

He will be sadly missed for his undeniable, unique, absolute shining talent which has entertained and will continue to entertain many generations of music and dance lovers.

Here’s wishing that he has now found peace.


Michael Jackson
used a slew of aliases to score prescription meds, and we know the two names that could unlock the key to gross abuse by Jackson and some prominent doctors.

We've learned Jackson frequently used the names Omar Arnold and Jack London to get powerful drugs, including Demerol. Jackson also used the name of one of his bodyguards, as well as the name of the office manager for one of his doctors.

The DEA, which is joining to assist the LAPD in its investigation of several doctors who prescribed drugs to Jackson, will be hunting down these names and others.

Sources tell us the prescription abuse was so egregious, one doctor would call the pharmacy and say Jackson was coming down to get Demerol. The pharmacy would then fill the prescription, leaving the patient's name blank.


35 reasons to believe that Michael Jackson is still alive!

Thursday, August 20, 2009 11:31 PM

He was great and rehearsing 3 days before the "death";
The ambulance took firefighters nearly an hour to remove the "body" of your house to the hospital, even knowing that no more complex procedure could be done in residence;
His doctor was missing for two days after the "announcement" of death.
Closed coffin (or the Pope's coffin was closed all the time);
Nobody in the family cried for real. Neither could pretend, including a young daughter - forced to say something;
Debts monumental.
Shades of constant use, were used to prepare the look-alike who was sick and terminally ill, while Michael took care to provide a new face, to live anonymous hereafter.
Who called 911 was too quiet.
In August he went or will release a song called RESSUREIÇÃO!
Nobody know where his body was taken after the memorial.
Doctors do not speak the cause of death.
The U.S. president who was a fan of the star only ruled on the fact a week later.
A physician who abandons her own career to devote himself to a single patient, just when more crucial not follow his "unique" patient to the hospital?
Why the name of MJ was not mentioned in the link?
The delay in the autopsy report, nor in the IML of Rio de janeiro ( brazilian city ) where everything works the coal ... it's so difficult to recognize an overdose?
After the ceremony the family "mourning" was to "celebrate" a bustling restaurant.
Before he arrived at the hospital on CNN just gave Michael as dead.
Leaves a will in which a fund manager and managing partner.
In the U.S. there is a law that if they try to kill two or three times you can change your identity and to forge his own death.
A large stock of things he (MJ) was auctioned to pay debts was bought by a supposed anonymous collector.
For someone who does not show since 2006 would have a tour scheduled, coincidentally, for about a week after his death?
The plan had already been mapped long, as shown in the lyrics of her song Morphine, which talks about cardio attack, morphine and Demerol on the remedy.
In emergency call at any time the name of Michael Jackson was quoted, just a "man who was ill."
Elizabeth Taylor, who was a close friend, said the memorial event was a "circus."
A possibly empty coffin was presented in the show's farewell news conference where tickets were not charged, "who was wanted. Nobody can contest anything in court.
Workers in the United States border with Mexico, say Jackson and an unidentified man had left the country on the night of his death.
His death certificate says only that the dead is a dead black man because of still undefined.
Products related to Michael Jackson concerts that should occur at the O2 Arena in London, are being traded normally - even after death.
The businessman and partner not go to the funeral, even the physician is present.
After the funeral, instead of leading the coffin to the cemetery with him gone!
In connection to the emergency, the caller says that man is lying unconscious in bed, and the doctor tried to revive him. A person trained in medicine would not know that cardiac massage should be done on a hard surface?
Before 'die', sign a contract for a series of presentations. He says he has not read the contract, undertakes to 50 shows, thinking they were only 10.
Michael even used fake names to get the medication that 'needed'.
It is known that for some time now, Michael was wearing mannequins and even the look-pra mislead the press.
Before he reached the hospital the police were already there prohibiting the passage of all.
'' Sorry for my english, but I'm brazilian, and I hope help with this list with all these suspicions, some already talked for you. ''
thanks.  C.C.



Can you help this fan ?????

Yesterday I was checking out some videos on Michael Jackson on Youtube and saw a title that said something about "Michael Jackson Interview July2009". In the hopes that Michael is somewhere doing something unusual I clicked it. Some of the post June 25, 2009 postings were from pre June 25. But this whatever this was, was done since June 25, 2009. If it is in fact from Michael then I think it was kind of a set up for things to come. But this is somehwhat of what I can remember of it. The voice sounded just like our soft spoken Michael's. The inter viewer is talking to Michael Jackson in heaven. He asks Michael how things are going there and then asks Michael about the unpublished songs that he has saved for his childrens future. Then he asks Michael to let us listen some. So Michael obliges and plays a song to the tune of Black and White, but instead of saying black and white (song is not being sung by Michael) the words go "Its Choclate, it's vanilla ice cream" So the interviewer kids Michael because it's not a new tune. Then he asks Michael to play another one and he does and it's to the tune of "Black and White" but with different words. And so it goes; the interviewer is kidding Michael about it not being a new song, but new words written to a song already made. And Michael plays a few more all to the tune of "Black and White," It was really funny. And he tells the interviewer that he has a hundred of these new songs. It was hilarious and not in bad thoughts to Michael either. If he is indeed playing dead to surprise us with something new it was a very funny way of saying he is still alive. And if it was a video sent to us to remind us Michael is still funny and full of lovingness to his fans; it worked for me.
If you could find this on youtube and put it on this web site that would be really cool. I can't find it again. I just stumbled on it.
Thanks  if you can help , email us 


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