I am ever so sure it was him

I was in sydney airport on saturday morning when a man looking identical to jackson came through the arrival lounge with only a small piece of hand luggage.
It was the exact same build and height and hair and colour as jackson. What really made me feel so sure it was him was the fact that he was walking at a very fast pace keeping his head down wearing a pair of sunglasses.
I am ever so sure it was him .       CB
          Wednesday, July 1, 2009 8:40 PM

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I'm better off dead. I'm done': Michael Jackson's fateful prediction just a week before his death

  • Genetic condition had ruined his lungs and left him unable to sing
  • He became so skeletal, doctors believed he was anorexic
  • He had nightmares about being murdered – and wanted to die
  • He used swine flu as an excuse to avoid coming to England
  • He thought he was agreeing to 10 concerts – it was 50

Whatever  the final autopsy results reveal, it was greed that killed Michael Jackson. Had he not been driven – by a cabal of bankers, agents, doctors and advisers – to commit to the gruelling 50 concerts in London's O2 Arena, I believe he would still be alive today.

During the last weeks and months of his life, Jackson made desperate attempts to prepare for the concert series scheduled for next month – a series that would have earned millions for the singer and his entourage, but which he could never have completed, not mentally, and not physically.


Michael knew it and his advisers knew it. Anyone who caught even a fleeting glimpse of the frail old man hiding beneath the costumes and cosmetics would have understood that the London tour was madness. For Michael Jackson, it was fatal.

I had more than a glimpse of the real Michael; as an award-winning freelance journalist and film-maker, I spent more than five years inside his ‘camp’.

Many in his entourage spoke frankly to me – and that made it possible for me to write authoritatively last December that Michael had six months to live, a claim that, at the time, his official spokesman, Dr Tohme Tohme, called a ‘complete fabrication’. The singer, he told the world, was in ‘fine health’. Six months and one day later, Jackson was dead.

Some liked to snigger at his public image, and it is true that flamboyant clothes and bizarre make-up made for a comic grotesque; yet without them, his appearance was distressing; with skin blemishes, thinning hair and discoloured fingernails.

I had established beyond doubt, for example, that Jackson relied on an extensive collection of wigs to hide his greying hair. Shorn of their luxuriance, the Peter Pan of Neverland cut a skeletal figure.

What the hell is really going on ?? 


For 12 years, until his death last Thursday at the age of 50, Michael Jackson carried out an elaborate hoax on the world about his paternity -- a hoax that already was beginning to unravel as it became increasingly apparent that Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket (who got his nickname from the headline-grabbing incident in which Jackson dangled the then-infant -- his head covered by a blanket -- from a Berlin hotel balcony in 2002) bear no physical resemblance whatsoever to the late pop megastar.

For years, Jackson refused to allow the children's faces to be photographed and they often appeared publicly with their faces masked. For years, the public thought it was another example of Jackson's bizarre habits, as he often appeared in public with his face shrouded in a mask himself.

But in the week since the "King of Pop's" death, new, previously unpublished photos have surfaced of the Jackson children unmasked -- and they show not only that they bear no physical resemblance whatsoever to Jackson, but they also clearly show the children to be completely Caucasian. An early photo of Prince Michael taken in 2004 when he was seven years old -- the same age his younger brother is now -- even reveals that he had blond hair!

Fake names ... Fake identities...

              fake Death  ??

Michael Jackson
used a slew of aliases to score prescription meds, and we know the two names that could unlock the key to gross abuse by Jackson and some prominent doctors.

We've learned Jackson frequently used the names Omar Arnold and Jack London to get powerful drugs, including Demerol. Jackson also used the name of one of his bodyguards, as well as the name of the office manager for one of his doctors.

The DEA, which is joining to assist the LAPD in its investigation of several doctors who prescribed drugs to Jackson, will be hunting down these names and others.

Sources tell us the prescription abuse was so egregious, one doctor would call the pharmacy and say Jackson was coming down to get Demerol. The pharmacy would then fill the prescription, leaving the patient's name blank.

Lou Ferrigno, Michael Jackson’s Personal Trainer for the O2 Concerts in London, has spoken fondly in an interview on the Television show Good Day LA, about how MJ loved to play pranks quite often and how he would also disguise himself. He laughs and jokes along as he also tells how Michael used to place a Mannequin of himself in an ambulance to deter the Paparazzi. How very interesting…


     Why did the doctor flee  ????

Why is it that Michael Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, fled the scene moments after Michael Jackson is said to have collapsed?

Police were unaware of Dr Murray’s location for several hours before they were able to establish contact, prompting speculation he had fled. They have already interviewed him once and plan to do so again.

Perhaps it was a classic case of  ’Misdirection’ – a popular technique used in performing magic tricks. ‘Misdirection takes advantage of the limits of the human mind in order to give the wrong picture and memory. The mind can concentrate on only one thing at a time.’ (sourced from Wikipedia).

With ‘misdirection’ in mind then, is it not possible that while the paramedics, police, staff and media were focused on what was happening at the front of the house, on the drive to the hospital, at the entrance into the hospital (you get the idea), that Dr. Conrad Murray and the real Michael Jackson were fleeing the scene – TOGETHER.

Apparently, Police wanted to question Dr Murray specifically about a possible administration of an injection shortly before Jackson lapsed into a coma. What if the injection Dr Murray administered was a sedative, to enable him to have a safe & stress free journey – AWAY FROM HIS CIRCUS OF A LIFE.

It is reported that he had frantically tried to resuscitate Michael Jackson before a staffer in the home where Jackson was staying called 911 for emergency help. You see, the ’staffer’ is a key witness here. Their role in this enitre plot is to tell the police that without a doubt they did see Dr. Conrad attempting to resuscitate Jackson. They did not have to know that it was all fake – designed to let them see what Conrad and Jackson wanted them to see. It was also perfectly designed so the ’staffer’ would be the one to call the police, giving Conrad ample time to switch Michael Jackson with the imposter that was to be transported to the hospital.

What imposter? I hear you. Michael Jackson had a mansion. Is it not possible that another person could have been ‘in on it’, shoved into an ambulance, and rushed to hospital? If you think about it, how many people actually had contact with Michael Jackson’s body after he died? Five, Ten maybe? With hundreds of Millions of dollars in the pot here, it’s not hard to buy off a couple of paramedics and doctors to say Michael Jackson died of Cardiac Arrest and that he was pronnounced dead on arrival.

The media circus certainly took care of the rest, as per usual, that was certainly something Michael Jackson could rely on. Within a matter of hours of his ‘death’, Television networks had already cut together ‘tributes’ and ‘The Life of’ film footage. Sheesh, they were all very quick to take the bait! The autopsy report hasn’t even been released yet, and EVERYONE believed he was dead within hours of the announcement just by the say-so of a few people?

It is understood Dr Murray refused to put his name on the death certificate. Well, obviously he didn’t want to associate his name with the death of Michael Jackson, because he knew beyond a doubt that The King of Pop’ was still alive and well, and on his way to his new life, away from the media spotlight, impending bankruptcy and twisted public image. 

The boost in album sales alone upon the singer’s death would have provided him ample finance for his new life, assisted by Conrad, who of course, would be taking his cut, not to mention the millions of dollars in ticket sales for the O2 concerts in London.

Conspiracy or not, dead or alive, let us only hope that Michael Jackson finally has what he always seemed to crave – Peace.


Michael passed the physical fine  !

In preparation for the London performances, Jackson had to undergo a five-hour physical examination. AEG Live Chief Executive Randy Phillips said in March that Mr. Jackson had “passed with flying colors.” Mr. Jackson’s agreement with AEG Live, owned by Denver billionaire Phil Anschutz, included an option to extend the concert series even further into a world-wide tour over three years or more. All told the tour could have earned him $400 million.

but now we see......

January 2009 Michael Jackson’s health takes a turn for the worst, AEG Live Organisers and Michael’s Personal Doctor know there is no way possible that he can perform 1 concert, let alone 50. They also know they’ve invested a huge amount of money in the ‘This is It’ comeback tour, as well as started yet another law suit in the mean time. (The organisers of a proposed Jackson Five reunion concert filed a $40m lawsuit alleging that Jackson’s 50 London dates violate the terms of their 2008 contract). The only way Michael is going to recover from his illness and AEG are going to make any money is for MJ to Hoax his death. The state of Michael Jackson’s health is leaked to the press, knowing they will report it. Plans are put into place, and by February, Michael Jackson has left his life and gone into hiding, with everyone else none the wiser.
                                                             from www.michaeljacksondeathhoax.com  7/21.09

My Theory 

Sunday, August 9, 2009 3:08 PM

Hi there,

I subscribe to the Michael Jackson Hoax Death website. I came across your
site today. My user name on MJHD is The Divine Mrs Jones.

We seem to be thinking along the same lines about the circumstances of his
"death". One of my theories is one that runs along the same route as yours,
regarding the body at the house in LA.

I, however, think that a impersonator/decoy had been there for a while. It
is reported by many that the only person allowed in Michael Jackson rooms
was his personal doctor. In this case Conrad Murray. Also, according to his
Chef, Kai Chase, in an interview with Larry King on CNN. Michael had food
sent to his room wrapped in saran wrap, just like "room service" in a hotel.
Could the reason he was looking so thin lately be because he was sharing his
food with the decoy?

I hypothesised this - The decoy had been ill, dying. The drugs and oxygen
tanks etc were for his use and not Michaels. It had been a plan to escape
for some months, when the decoy died - suddenly - the plan had to be
implemented - fast. The delays between finding the "body" and calling 911
would give enough time to get Michael out the back door as the paramedics
came through the front.

The staff were all dismissed and sent home. Apparently no one saw the
removal of the body. And, from what I can gather, Dr Murray came into the
kitchen via a back stairs and asked for Prince, then security. Was Prince
being drawn into the plan? Was Dad saying goodbye for now, but I will see
you again? The childrens behaviour at the memorial service was odd. A lack
of interest in the proceedings, boredom and often a pre-occupation with the
roof of the building, because they were constantly starring up at it. Was
our elusive super star hiding there? Was he watching the whole thing pan
out? Having read what I've read about him, it would not surpeise me at all.
The reason for being there, perhaps a promise to the children that he would
keep an eye on them. Were they looking for him?

I also think that the means of escape was by boat/yacht. The airports are
busy...Too dangerous to be seen there. Slip from the house to a harbour,
marina or port, onto a boat and hide out there for a few days. When it had
quietend down a bit, slip out of LA, sail down the coast, through the Panama
, into the Atlantic and away you go. Disguise yourself as a crewman,
slip off the boat and disappear. Who pays attention to the bloke who cleans
the brass or scrubs the decks on a boat? Someone on your site thought they
had seen him getting off a tug boat in UAE...Kind of ties in with my theory.

Also, there is the behaviour of the Jackson family after the death. They
roll up with about 8 removal vans to the LA mansion and clean it out. Janet
said it was to stop fans looting...Don't think so....It was to take any
evidence of a decoy being there...The missing $2million in cash and
jewellery from the house....Could have been used to pay the decoys family on
the death of the decoy...For services rendered. Strange how any security
tapes etc vanished about the same time?????

The plot thickens Sherlock.


Take a look at these scrolling badges..One of them - the one with the blue
background - is taken from the shirt of the paramedic with the "body" of MJ
in the ambluance. The others are the current badges used by the emergency
services in LA. Not one of them looks like the one from the ambulance. So
who were these people in the ambulance?...They did not seem to know what
they were doing with the respiration equipment. They backed out of there as
though they were going on a picnic. The eyebrows of "MJ" (or whoever it was)
were furrowed, as though he were uncomfortable..If you're dead or
unconscious you don't screw you face up, you can't. Who was that masked man
in the ambulance????

If I think of any more I shall be intouch.

For now - regards from the UK

The Divine Mrs Jones